A fascinating new battery discovery has been made by a team of Indian researchers. Rather than using light to power a lithium-ion battery, this battery uses light directly for energy.

The light-powered battery is so sensitive it can even run using the power of artificial lights.

This new battery uses a titanium nitrate anode to take advantage of light. The results are in the early stages right now but the battery has been shown powering LEDs and even a fan.

The battery was able to power a fan, using indoor artificial overhead lights. Once dissipated the battery then tops itself back up again in 30-seconds for another burst of power.

One of the key developments for this battery is safety. While current batteries, like lithium-ion, can be dangerous to the point of being explosive, this battery is not. The battery won't ignite even if you drop it in a certain way.

YouTube is filled with videos of people causing lithium-ion batteries to explode. An alternative to those, which is also eco-friendly, is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Now the researchers just need to make it efficient enough to keep our smartphones powered all day and we'll all be throwing money at them.

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