Passwords are still the main way to login into websites, banking apps and even home security. That could all change with the introduction of Emoji Passcode technology.

Why replace numbers with images? The brain remembers images better than digits. So a combination of images should be easier to recall than a list of numbers. This version is also more secure.

Emoji Passcode for banking is more secure than a four digit pin, says the company. With 44 emoji to pick from there's over 3 million permutations, as opposed to just over 7,000 for traditional pins. That's a hefty 480 times more permutations added to your security.

As Emoji Passcode creators Intelligent Environments point out, remembering emoji is easy. You could start with a baby's face, as you start your day, followed by a bike for your commute, apple for lunch and beer for evening. You'll remember the combination easily but nobody else will be able to access it.

While the Emoji Passcode is being talked about as an alternative to banking passwords there was no mention of any banking partnerships. Even though this is clearly better than a password we can't imagine banks being fun enough to embrace it just yet. That said, Intelligent Environments did launch the world's first smartwatch banking app in 2013.

But with the advent of eye-recognition, fingerprint reading smartphones and more, there's plenty vying for the title of easiest but most secure way of logging into your accounts. We'll just have to wait and see who comes out on top.

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