Before the roads are filled with electric cars, the skies may be already humming with green-energy planes.

Siemens says it has unveiled the world's first electric commercial aeroplane engine. It is thought that fuel guzzling, environmentally damaging jet engines could be replaced with electric motors. As batteries become more efficient the reality of commercial electric planes is becoming more clear.

The company is now working with Airbus to develop hybrid engines for commercial planes.

Electric commercial planes would mean cheaper running costs for airlines and improved environmental impact. The total costs of the plane should fall by 12 per cent, says Siemens.

According to Siemens its new electric engine is able to produce up to five times more power than a traditional engine. Although this is currently designed for lighter aircraft, it is under 50kg but can produce a thrust of up to 260kW. This power to thrust ratio means it breaks the record of previous engines by a "huge margin". It also means it should be able to work on larger planes.

With these engines a plane can be made up to two tons in weight and can hold 100 passengers. This plane, featuring hybrid engines, is being worked on now by Siemens and Airbus and is expected to appear in commercial use by 2035.

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