(Pocket-lint) - Some inventions are the perfect blend of simplicity and brilliance. The self-santising door handle is exactly that.

While we've seen designs for this idea in the past this is the first time we've spotted a working model.

The idea behind the door handle is that rather than transmit germs, like current ones do, it actually cleans the area of germs.

Using UV light the handle is activated when held to open a door. This triggers the light which is able to destroy 99.8 per cent of germs, claim its creators. It's unclear if germs are merely killed on the door handle itself or if the person's hand is also sanitised when the handle is used.

As if all that wasn't cool enough the handle is even reactive to its situation. It’s the movement of opening the door that activates the handle to create the germ-killing reaction.

Very little else is known about what appears to be a project being shown off at a trade show. The photos with a few details appeared on Imgur from user JObe.

Here's hoping these futuristic looking handles hit the mainstream, outside of just hospitals and labs, soon.


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Writing by Luke Edwards.