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(Pocket-lint) - Every battery you have ever thrown out still had life in it. That's what the makers of Batteriser claim. And they know how to bring those batteries back to life.

The Silicon Valley start-up, Batteroo, has created the Batteriser to essentially rewire a battery so that all its charge can be properly used. The idea is that batteries will no longer go to waste as more juice is utilised and older batteries can be used again.

Currently most batteries thrown out still have about 80 per cent life left in them, claims Batteroo. That  means the Batteriser should get you roughly eight times more life from a battery than by using it alone.

The Batteriser fits snugly around any battery from AAA to D. Normally batteries register as dead after their 1.5 volt output drops below 1.35 volts. The juice is still in the battery, it just can't be output at enough of a rate to work most gadgets.

Batterooboost your battery by 800 per cent using the batteriser image 2

The Batteriser is wired with boost circuitry so that the 80 per cent life left in a battery can be output at a steady 1.5 volts, like a new battery, until it's completely drained.

This idea isn't new but it's the first time it's been shrunk down to such a scale. The Batteriser is small enough to fit around your battery and still be able to fit back into a device. So from console controllers and TV remotes to Bluetooth keyboards and RC cars – everything should be able to fit the Batteriser covered batteries.

The Batteriser is due to appear on Indiegogo in late June for a delivery by September. Pricing has not been mentioned.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 5 June 2015.