TobyRich makes Bluetooth controlled toys and its next venture is the, a Bluetooth drone designed for indoor and outdoor play.

This is the second Bluetooth drone from TobyRich and follows the lead of the previous model by opting for a lightweight construction, so it's not going to destroy itself if it drops out of the sky or you fly it into a wall.

The is more than just a Bluetooth drone you can fly around the room, it introduces a game element too, and it's designed for collaborative play.


The companion app can be used as a gunsight, so you can line up on the drone and shoot it out of the sky, with plenty of dramatic sound effects along the way. There will also be elements to help you learn how to fly the drone and perform stunts.

TobyRich has opted for a conventional plane styling, rather than a quadcopter design, but because it's so light, there's enough power for it to hover vertically. It's suitable for use indoors and will be happy on calm days outdoors too.

The will be hitting Kickstarter in June, promising that funders will get to influence feature additions, with an expectation of availability in autumn 2015.