(Pocket-lint) - If the poor coffee roasting efforts of others are leaving a bitter taste in your mouth, then the Ikawa Home Roaster might be just the thing for you.

This connected coffee roaster connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to give you precise control over roasting your beans.

The app contains a number of elements, controlling the temperature profile of the roaster and tracking the actual temperature during the roasting process. As you'll know, different coffee beans like to be treated differently, so the app will let you choose the appropriate programme for the different varieties of beans you might have. 

If you want to get experimental you can. You can change the temperature or the duration of roasting, or the stages of roasting - perhaps start cooler, before hitting the top temperature. If you're successful, you can save and share those changes for other coffee roasters to try.

The Ikawa roaster itself is cleverly designed too. There's been some input from Dyson here, so you won't be surprised to discover that there's some innovative cyclone technology put to good use.


The process starts on the top. The hopper precisely measures 60g of beans and with a twist, they're dropped into the roasting pan. Then the cyclone starts up, keeping the beans moving and circulating the heat evenly. Because everything is moving, the Ikawa can extract the chaff during roasting.

While this is going on - and you're enjoying the rich aromas of the roasting beans - you can track the process in the app. When it finishes, you can dispose of the chaff and then you get to the best bit. The beans are cooled, and then using that fan, propelled through the Ikawa into the pot at the bottom. It's very slick.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Ikawa Home Roaster is available to pre-order for £600, with delivery expected in February 2016, after which you'll be able to have complete control over your coffee.

Writing by Chris Hall.