A company named Bellabeat has launched two versions of a new wearable device that's designed just for women.

Called Leaf, it is described as "personalised stress tracking smart jewelry crafted from 7,000-year old Marshwood and embellished with gold leaf plating". Yeah. Sounds fancy right off the bat, right? Well, what's even cooler is that this wearable is capable of helping you track your monthly menstrual cycle.

We're not even kidding.

The Leaf can measure a woman’s activity, sleep, stress, breathing patterns, and ovulation in real-time, all with the hopes of providing her with glanceable data, insights, and even recommendations through the complementary Leaf app. It can remind you to sleep more, for instance, and estimate when you'll start your period.

The Leaf will even help you identify ovulation days to increase your chances of successful conception. It can also monitor the rise and fall of your breath when worn as a necklace, and over time, the Leaf app will learn how breathing correlates with stress. It'll also recognise all the small movements you make while in bed.

From there, the Leaf - which has a 6-month battery life and comes in biodegradable packaging made from sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp - will determine how long you spend in each sleep stage/how long and how well you’ve slept. And as you continue to use Leaf, it will learn your personal habits and tailor feedback.

If any of that interests you, the limited-edition version of the Leaf is now available for $250. It's the one made of Marshwood and gold-leaf plating, though you can get it in five different styles. You can also get it with metal, leather, or vegan-fiber accessories, such as a silver chain necklace (comes included, actually).

There's a standard Leaf available for $119 as well. You can get both from the Bellabeat website. Although we're the first to admit women don't need wearables just for them and can use anything men do, we quite like the look of the Leaf and think it might be one of the more fashionable trackers out there.