Hoverboards are a thing.

We're not talking about that Back to the Future Part II-themed marketing stunt from last year. We're talking about real-life hoverboards. A guy named Catalin Alexandru Duru built one recently and actually flew it 905 feet over a lake in Quebec. And the Guinness Book of World Records caught the action on camera.

It appears as though Duru steered the hoverboard, which looks like a quadracopter and has several propellers affixed underneath, via balancing while his feet were strapped in. In the video's description, he said the hoveboard can be used anywhere, but he tests it over water because of how "dangerously high it can fly.”

The hoverboard is just a prototype at this point - but it already has a world record. Guinness said Duru is the first official person ever to break the Guinness World Records Title for the farthest journey by hoverboard. To qualify for the record, Duru only had to fly a distance of 160 feet.

Watch the video below to see the record go down.