Why has nobody ever thought of this before? That's the question we've been left asking ourselves after seeing a new USB cable that ditches the need for it to be the right way up.

While USB-C promises to work regardless of which way you put it into the slot, regular USB cables you've been using since the "dawn of time" do not work the same way.

That's all about to change. Well, if Tylt has its way. The company that speciallises in cables and portable power chargers has created a new standard-looking USB cable that doesn't care which way up it goes into a USB socket.

Yes, that age-old problem of trying to guess which way to insert your USB cable into your computer - only to get it wrong - is finally over.


The new cable (in green, above) looks identical to a standard USB cable and works by doing away with the thick bit of plastic that determines which way up the cable needs to go.

Those who opt for the new cable, which starts from £24.99, will be able to choose it in either fetching green or red.

Like other cables Tylt sells, the other end of the cable comes with a micro USB and a detachable Lightning cable tip for Apple users.

The new cable is out in the UK in the next couple of weeks.