(Pocket-lint) - KFC has done away with paper tray mats and replaced them with its Tray Typer, a Bluetooth keyboard that's just 0.4mm thin.

The Tray Typer connects to a customer's phone so they can type messages or tweet about their meal, of course, without getting greasy fingers all over their screen.

The keyboard is not only super thin but can be rolled up and is even rechargeable. Since the keyboards were given away for free they could be rolled up, taken home and used and recharged for the future. How durable they are when it comes to washing greasy fingerprints off wasn't made clear. But for a free Bluetooth keyboard it's impressive either way.

The catch? These were dished out at new restaurant openings in Germany for one week only. There is no sign it will happen again, so it may remain a promotion. Here's hoping new restaurants everywhere get a Tray Typer.

Regis Watrisse, Digital Marketing Director at Serviceplan, the company behind the marketing promotion said: "KFC is fingerlickin’ good. But using your smartphone while enjoying KFC will leave a not so good fingerprint on your touchscreen. That’s why we invented the KFC Tray Typer – a durable paper tray that transforms into a super-thin, rechargeable wireless keyboard when you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.