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(Pocket-lint) - Born from a successful Kickstarter campaign, the PopSlate is an iPhone case that features a mono 4-inch E-Ink display that allows you to connect to your iPhone and "pop" pictures from the dedicated app to the slate on the back.

Like a poor man's YotaPhone but for a rich man's device, the $130 accessory has plenty of pros and cons. Rather bulky in design, the PopSlate slides over the back of your iPhone rather like a battery case, however in this instance, not actually adding any further battery capacity.

Once connected to your phone via Bluetooth, you download the PopSlate app and then start managing the pictures you can display on the case.

The app allows you to display any jpg on its E-Ink display whether that's a screen grab, a photo, or an image someone has sent you. You can display up to eight images at a time.

The app itself is easy to use, offering you the chance to see other people's images, follow specific people, or search Instagram. Once you find something, you simply tap on the Pop icon and it is sent to the back of your phone for you to enjoy. 

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While the customisation of your iPhone case is fun, albeit in black and white, where the PopSlate hopes to be useful is in storing information like a boarding pass so you don't have to keep turning on your phone when it comes to check-in at the airport.

Other uses we can think of include a Tube map, or for key numbers you've got to remember or a shopping list. Whatever you display on the back of your phone can also be seen by everyone else, something to bear in mind if it is important.

Available in white or black, the built-in battery gives it around 7 days use from a single charge.

With the right image you can really make it stand out, however it does add plenty of extra bulk your phone, and with no interactivity, the case is just a static image and nothing more.

While the PopSlate works as you might expect, the excitement here might be tempered by the price tag. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.