(Pocket-lint) - To all you Star Trek fans, a rare gem has appeared on our long-range scanners – a flat that's kitted out for the ultimate Trekkie.

The Star Trek inspired flat is designed entirely to look like the inside of the USS Voyager space ship. Although for non-super fans it could easily pass for the Next Generation Enterprise too.

The studio flat is complete with transporter bay, lit console panels and even the same drinks receptacles as used in the series. The carpets and the walls would look at home on the TV show. The windows are fitted with perspex and wood so they appear to look out to space.

One command console is even able to control the lights and sound effects in the apartment. Impressive considering all this was created before smarthomes were easy to setup. Even the door bell has had special treatment and plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard's voice.

The flat got media attention back at the start of 2012 when its creator Tony Alleyne separated from his wife and created the project in Hinckley near Birmingham. He has spent 10 years working on making the 34 metre squared flat into the ultimate Star Trek home. He estimates the entire project cost him just £4,000.

The flat is on sale now for £70,000 – a bargain for any Trekkie wanting to bolding go where few have lived before.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.