Etsy isn't just a place for buying handmade jewelry and mittens.

It is chock-full of gadgets and tech accessories too, meaning it's an ideal go-to site for those of you looking for gift ideas that are both unique and functional. We took a moment to browse through Etsy's handmade goods, for instance, and discovered some great devices, including things like a completely wireless wooden keyboard.

We even found gimmicky-type items that are still totally cool and relevant, such as a Google Maps-style map of Westeros. There were literally thousands of amazing things to choose from, most of which isn't available on Ebay or anywhere else. So, with that in mind, we rounded up 21 of the coolest gadgets and accessories on Etsy.

We've even included some replica goods and repurposed electronics in our round-up, such as a hard-drive clock base. There are of course tonnes of other things we didn't have time to include, so feel free to comment below and let us know what we missed. We plan to continually update this article over time with new items as well.

Also, everything we listed in the gallery above is completely handmade. We personally think a hand-crafted gift adds a personal touch to gadgets and tech accessories, and the ones we included in this gallery are great examples of that.

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