The umbrella is about to get a much-needed overhaul.

Have you ever looked at an umbrella and wondered why its basic design hasn't changed in what seems like forever? Well, we've asked ourselves this question a billion times in the past, and it appears as though at least one engineer, with a background in aeronautical and marine engineering, has as well.

He specifically noticed the umbrella hasn't changed in a whopping 3,000 years, so he spent a few years conducting research and engineering in order to redesign the mechanics of the umbrella whilst also maintaining its familiar look. His final design, called Kazbrella, has just unveiled via Kickstarter.

The Kazbrella opens inside out, so the wet side of the canopy will be contained on the inside when closed and won't drip on anything it touches. This subtle design change also allows the Kazbrella to open/close in confined spaces or in a crowd. It's even double spoked and can withstand strong winds.

Kickstarter - Kazbrellathis revolutionary inside out umbrella promises a drip free experience image 5

Watch the video below to see how else the Kazbrella revolutionises the design and the mechanics of the umbrella. And if you want to get one for yourself, start by pledging £35 or more and you'll get a black version.