Darpa has been at it again, making killing machines even easier to use. Now it's created a self-steering bullet that can turn anyone into a sniper.

The Exacto programme, which stands for Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, has created the self-steering .50 calibre bullet. The bullet works in conjunction with information from the optics of the rifle in order to change its direction. The result is a bullet fired in the general direction of a target will still hit, even if the target is moving. Yup, there's no escape.

Darpa has shown off a video of a professional sniper firing the Exacto and then a non-sniper firing the rifle for the first time. Both hit the moving target with accuracy.

Exact details on how the bullet system works are classified. But it appears the bullet has air abrasive rubber rings which must move in order to change the direction of the bullet. Presumably this bullet is fed live information by the rifle site right up until impact.

The Exacto programme started in November 2008 and will presumably continue until the ordnance is in the field used by military personnel. Hopefully only by military personnel since these bullets clearly make anyone a deadeye shot.

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