People primarily worry about two things when it comes to their devices: battery life and storage space.

Accessory maker Mophie took note last year and subsequently unveiled a Space Pack range of battery and power-extending cases for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The company has just expanded that range to include iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Mini. The new cases offer up to 128GB of storage and double battery life.

There's one exception: Mophie's case for iPhone 6 Plus only adds 50 per cent more juice. All the cases look rather bulky, essentially fit around your smartphone, and work with the Lightning port. They also have a micro-USB slot at the bottom for power and storage, and they provide access to volume and other buttons.

The idea is that the Space Pack will protect your iPhone and supply it with power until the case dies, from which point your device's internal battery will take control. As for managing your files in the case's storage area, you can use Mophie's Space app to access files, such as music or photos. Mophie even updated the app.

The Space 2.0 app supposedly makes file management easier and has a new feature that'll let you access items using Macs and PCs (as long as they're on the same Wi-Fi network as the device wearing the Space Pack), among other things. In addition to the cases and app, Mophie has released something called a Spacestation.


It's a standalone device that provides up to 128GB of external storage and a battery bump. Just plug your devices into it to charge, and use Mophie's cross-platform apps to move files from the Spacestation. The Spacestation and iOS Space Pack cases are available now, with pricing starting at $149.95 for the 32GB versions.

If you want a Space Pack for iPad Mini, pricing starts at $199.95 for 32GB.