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(Pocket-lint) - Check the calendar before you read any overly exciting news stories today, it's April Fools' Day and as such everyone pushing pranks - especially on the internet.

In the past we've been treated to some real corkers, such as the Playmobil Apple Store, 8-bit Google Maps and Pocket-lint's own self-repairing smartphone glass, so companies will have to go some to live up to previous efforts.

In fact, some of the previous efforts have been so good they were eventually made into real products. How many this year will achieve that honour?

We've separated the silly from the sane so you can avoid re-tweeting something ridiculous while having a good laugh at some of the best attempts so far. And come on, be honest, how many of them did you fall for?

Sit back, get your giggle hat on as here are the best April Fools' Day 2015 and 2016 jokes from around the web. And as we'll be updating the feature throughout the day, you should check back often.

Bing Palm Search

Microsoftapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 31

Yep, the hands-on we created here at Pocket-lint in partnership with Microsoft was, as some guessed correctly, our April Fools Day joke for 2015. Others were actually fooled though, it must be said (just have a look in our comments below the original story), but we can see why because the best gags are the ones based on a little bit of fact.

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Palm vein reader technology does exist and we have seen it in action in the past. That requires specialist gadgetry however, not simply any tablet or monitor touchscreen. Many thanks must go to Bing.com for putting this together for us.

Sealy Neuro-Coder

Sealyapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 2

According to Sealy, bed manufacturer and creator of the Neuro-Coder, the time to record our dreams is finally upon on – on 1 April.

The Neuro-Coder is, obviously, the world's first bio-sensing headband that connects to a phone and records dreams. In the morning the owner can scroll through the dreams just like going through a gallery. Posting to Facebook or Twitter is also an option, because we don't apparently expose enough of ourselves already on social media.

Here's hoping a locked phone keeps those dreams secure or anyone could see your deepest, darkest thoughts.

Narrative filters

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 22

Narrative is a wearable camera that automatically takes photos intelligently when it detects a face or scene. Now the company has announced new filter options, some of which take the posing out of posing.

Filters include duck face and eye opener for those posers that want to out-pose those other poser wannabes. Then there's the cat lover's filter of choice, meow mode, which drops a bunch of cats in the foreground of a shot. Ideal.

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 23

Driverless Domino's delivery

Domino's Pizza announced that 1 April is the day it will roll out its driverless delivery vehicle.

Domi-No-Driver will use an onboard PI (Pizza Interface) to calculate the most efficient route to the person who ordered the pizza. Then the H.U.N.G.A.R (Hunger Detection and Ranging) system will detect obstacles as and flash up polite statements like "What am I like?" on an LED screen.

The vehicles, Domino's says, will be able to carry 400 per cent more pizza thanks to 100 per cent less driver.

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Three Selfie Tour Bus

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 6

Apparently, we've been told that Three's Selfie Tour Bus, which is shepherding British tourists around Barcelona today is a real thing to promote the network's Spanish launch. Three customers can now use their minutes, texts and data plans in Spain and New Zealand, as well as the other 16 locations around the world as part of the company's Feel at Home incentive.

But while it's not technically an April Fools' Day prank, its timing and the very idea qualifies in our book.

Kim Kardashian Jelly Mould

British online gadget retailer Firebox always comes up with some cracking April Fools' Day gags and this year is no exception. There are a few but the Kim Kardashian Jelly Mould is definitely up there with the best.

Based on THAT photo - the one that broke the 'net - the mould would be best used with some form of peach desert rather than jelly. Firebox even suggests you "grease the tin" to give it a familiar sheen.

Champagne bottle and glass not included.

Yeezus Juice

Fireboxapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 13

Following up on its Kim Kardashian Jelly Mould, Firebox has come up with an energy drink that can unlock your inner egotistical beast and amp up your arrogance. It's called Yeezus Juice, and it's inspired by Yeezus himself. Drink it to get a confidence boost or a narcissistic buzz. It'll raise your self-esteem and maybe even ignite a controversy or two.

Word on the street is that it makes you a God too. Or was that a genius? Either way, take a sip and you'll become your own biggest fan.

Smart ePants

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 8

Another of Firebox's comes in the guise of underwear for those who don't want to carry around their contactless payment cards or an Oyster. The Smart ePants have a waterproof NFC microchip inside that stores your credit, debit and other contactless card details.

That way you only have to bump your bottom against a reader. Or grind against it like a naughty dog if you've accidentally put them on the wrong way round. And just imagine what will happen when paying in a restaurant on one of those mobile payment readers.

The Smart ePants are available for men and women. Although they're not really.

Inner Selfie Stick

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 9

The last of the Firebox ones for now is definitely in the "eeeeewwwwww" camp. The Inner Selfie Stick is the "perfect tool for the more intimate selfie" and is likely to give people nightmares.

It's essentially a waterproof camera extension for a smartphone that you can literally stick where the Sun don't shine. It's also compatible with Apple's FaceTime, claims Firebox, which we must admit really raised a chuckle.

Brain Eraser

Genie Gadgetsapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 10

Gene Gadget has come up with a bunch of April Fool's hoaxes, starting off with the Brain Eraser. Have you ever embarrassed yourself or been rejected by someone you love or experienced something completely horrible? The Brain Eraser, which comes from "Unstantanople University", will take care of everything, as it is designed to delete certain memories from your brain permanently and safely.

Simply attach the £49.95 biological optic pads to your temples, then run the software scanner to organise your memories, and choose to delete a memory or store it away safely. You can always reinstall the memory at a future date. If only, right?

Send-a-smell app

Genie Gadgetsapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 11

Genie Gadgets has come up with an app for April Fool's Day that's meant to capture and deliver smells. The concept works like this: Download the Send-A-Smell app (for £29.95), then attach the Windometer smell receiver to any smartphone via the included adapters, and Greentooth technology will convert any smell in close proximity and send it over the same frequency that your voice uses.

The idea is you can use the app to send the smell of roses to a loved one or the smell of coffee to yourself when your alarm goes off in the morning. The receiver of the smell would apparently need no additional device on their phone. What smell would you send?


Genie Gadgetsapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 12

And finally, Genie Gadgets just took something you always wanted as a kid and turned it into an April Fool's gag of your dreams: Hoverboots. they are powered by two Nano-Flufter jet propulsion systems, which are chargeable via any USB port, allowing the boots to lift you up a whopping 25,000 feet at speeds of up to 400MPH. They even come with two Marshmalom hand stabilisers to ensure you don’t lose balance.

The boots are also custom fitted. A "robotic android measuring man" will arrive at your door within 30 minutes of your order being placed to measure your feet. Um, we'll pass on that, but we'll definitely take the boots! Oh, but first we need £9,995 to pay for them. Ouch. It looks like only the rich will get a first-class ticket to space. How very Richard Branson.

Costa and a Kip

Coffee shop chain Costa is pretending to trial a new service from April that'll let customers have a 15-minute power nap. It's imported Japanese-inspired Ostrich pillows that can turn tables into relaxation zones. Customers basically place their coffee order, then let Costa staff know what time to wake them using table clocks, and finally, they take in the pillow. A barista will later wake them with their favourite Costa drink.

Costa has predicted the combination of a short nap and a coffee will sustain your energy levels for at least three hours.

Barclaycard Anything

Barclaycard is jumping on the April Fool's Day bandwagon with Barclaycard Anything. It's a new service that turns everyday objects into contactless ways to pay. It so far includes tap-and-pay gloves, which eliminates the need for you to rummage through a purse, as well as a payment saddle, which let parents pay for their child’s donkey ride with just the tap of a card.

Barclaycard will also set up contactless activation kiosks across the UK that will allow the public to embed contactless chips into any of their personal belongings. Your kids can make their teddy bears into credit cards, for instance, or you can turn your favourite pair of pants into a way to pay for goods at registers. The payment chips can be registered to any credit or debit card.

Game of Thrones Clue

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 21

ThinkGeek has a whole slate of April Fool’s Day fake products, such as this Game of Thrones-themed version of Clue. It’s replaced all the standard pieces with 48 new suspects and 48 new weapons as well as a larger 2 x 4ft game, meaning this version has 69,120 possible suspect/location/weapon combinations. What's the betting we'll see it, or something similar, being sold for real one day?

Power Wheels Desert Drifters

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 16

Continuing this trend of taking entertainment and turning it into April Fool’s Day bogus merchandise, ThinkGeek has used the Power Wheels brand to come up with Mad Max-inspired vehicles for your children. They’re called Power Wheels Desert Drifters. These cars can go up to 7.5 miles per hour and are outfitted with spikes, spears, and foam-dart automatic weapons. And of course they’re capable of surviving a dusty dystopian world.

Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 17

ThinkGeek made a steam machine for April Fool’s. Kinda. This is a gaming cabinet that’s literally steam powered. It uses a “patent-pending” miniature boiler mechanism and a stationary steam engine to produce enough electricity to play all your games.

Voltron Cat Condo

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 18

Cat ladies/gentlemen will love this… The legend of Voltron, Defender of the Universe, is now a mighty cat condo. Well, in the minds of ThinkGeek anyway. It is offering up a cat tree like you’ve never seen before; it’ll house your fluffy critters with its cozy, fleece-covered quarters and solid wood platforms, all while maintaining peace throughout the galaxy.

En-Counter Wearable Interactive Quest

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 19

This one reminds us of HTC’s gag from last year: it’s a Dungeons and Dragon Encounter wearable from ThinkGeek that can track your movements with a tri-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS, and digital compass. It even has an optical heart-rate monitor.

So, if you ever find yourself walking through the wilderness to the legendary Keep on the Borderlands, you’ll know your fitness level is being monitored all the while.

Do it YourSelfie 360-degree Selfie Rig

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 20

ThinkGeek is catering to the Kim K in all of us with this torso-mounted rig that allows you to take 360-degree selfies. You just need to supply your own cameras, but you can be sure that every angle of you will be fully documented and Instagram-worthy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Collector’s Edition Groot Beer and Rocket-fuel Two-Pack

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 15

Not finished with the movie/TV-inspired April Fool's goodies, ThinkGeek has come up with something for those of you who love Guardians of the Galaxy. This device is actually a limited-run beverage set comprised of a non-caffeinated root beer with a shot of caffeine on the side, and it’s all inspired by two of the most fan-loved characters from the sci-fi film.

It's another that could potentially be made for real some time in the future.

Game of Thrones Hodor Travel Buddy

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 14

However, out of all the April Fools' Day prank products from ThinkGeek this year, this is the one that is likely to be made available for real first. It’s a GoT-themed mount system that allows for one-handed operation of any device up to 4 inches wide. The idea is that it will securely hold your device in place, just like Hodor would, allowing you to drive and keep your hands on the road. There’s also a companion app, which provides GPS capabilities (with street names voiced by Hodor, naturally).

Burger King Cologne

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 24

Released in Japan just for April Fools' Day - and actually released we are lead to believe - is a cologne that provides you with the flame-grilled scent of a freshly made Burger King burger. Lovely.

Of course, whenever we've been in Burger King in the UK our burgers have been popped into a microwave before being served, so maybe it's the smell of slightly irradiated meat. Either way, probably still better than covering yourself with "Brut".

BMW Motor Mouth

BMW's gag this year utilises the help of England Rugby star Chris Robshaw to model and talk about the company's new product line, mouth guards that offer the same level of protection as its cars.

As explained by BMW, the Motor Mount guard is "entirely made up of ethylene-propylen-dien rubber – standard protection in the door seals of all BMW models". The key phrase there is "entirely made up".


april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 25

Like Firebox's pants, HTC sticks to wearables for its excellent April Fools' Day joke this year. The HTC RE Sok, which has its own website for the day, is a smart sock.

It has a read-out on the ankle that keeps you up to date with notifications and features GPS so both socks can never get lost. Our favourite bit though is that it comes in three colours, midnight, stealth and true black - all of which are identical, of course.

Ultimo Mind & Body Bra

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 26

Lingerie brand Ultimo has naturally opted for wearable technology for its prank, with the Mind & Body smart bra being able to hook up to a smartphone. It tweets messages automatically based on how the wearer is feeling, thanks to built-in sensors.

If a date is going particularly well, it will post to Twitter, "This date is red hot! Don't wait Up!" Or if badly, "Please send back up."

It is part of a limited edition range and only available until midday today, of course.

Happy Hatchery

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 27

Fancy a pack of fertilised eggs that hatch into beautiful little chicks on Easter Day? That's what Not On The High Street proposed as its April Fools Day gag.

The eggs would arrive at your doorstep 17 days into a 21-day incubation period, ready to crack and reveal the tiny chicks as your Easter morning surprise. They could be personalised in non-toxic ink too.

Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef's Edition

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 28

The soon-to-be released Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has been lauded as one of the best phones available but Samsung believes it can make it even better. Hence the Galaxy BLADE edge, which not only has the smartphone abilities of the S6 range, but doubles as a chef's knife too.

Made of patented ceramic, the Galaxy BLADE edge, with its folding handle, even comes with a finger detection mechanism that will retract the sharp bit before it cuts your skin.

Hailo Piggyback

Hailo, the taxi-calling application and service, has added an even quicker way to get around central London than in the back of a black cab: piggyback rides.

A specially trained human piggyback carrier can be called at the tap of the Hailo app, ready to transport passengers to their destinations. It would be an ideal way to see the city in 360 degrees while darting through traffic, that's for sure.

Lomo'Instant Caribbean Edition

Not only is the Caribbean Edition of Lomography's instant camera suspiciously waterproof, with biodegradable, edible instant film, but it is available from the company's first underwater Gallery store, 3,000 metres below sea level.

Typically from Lomography, the prank is one of the best looking we've seen and you have to admire the effort taken. Especially the genuine underwater photography. Now, what camera did they use for those?

Henry Hover drone

RS Components have taken the classic Henry vacuum cleaner and turned it into a drone you can control around the house with a remote control. The retailer has even posted a tutorial online on how to build your own.

Of course, it won't work. But while you're checking it out you can head to their special April Tools section to get yourself some genuine bargains.

Bathstore T-Eliot: world's first reverse toilet

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 29

Bathroom retailer Bathstore has always been a big supplier of some of the best April Fools Day fake products, with the stand-up bath being a favourite, and this year it follows with the world's first reverse toilet.

The T-Eliot (toilet backwards, natch) is Wi-Fi enabled and is faced the other way so that users can look at their tablets or eBook readers hands-free, thanks to the built-in technology dock. Why they would need both hands available is not explained.

PlayStation Flow

While we await the official release of PlayStation's virtual reality headset Project Morpheus, the company has devised an alternative wearable device that features complete games immersion. Water immersion too.

The PlayStation Flow has been developed by the team at PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology (PWET) and enables users to take part in in-game underwater activities by literally swimming underwater. A PS4 links to the goggles via Bluetooth and LCD screens give you the action. Top banana.

Ford Mustang Valley

A very clever one this and the attention to detail is great. A farmer loves the Ford Mustang car so much that he has turned his field in Essex into the Mustang logo, made from shrubs.

We particularly love that the YouTube Channel it is posted under is labelled "Essex Today" as in a cheesy local UK news reportage. It could also have been called "The Pony Way is Essex" we reckon.

Mastercard forced to retire PIN code "2003"

After England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003, Mastercard saw a significant rise in the number of rugby union fans using the year as their PIN code. The problem has worsened still with this year's tournament imminent, so the finance firm has decided to withdraw the number entirely as it represents a security risk.

Like BMW, Mastercard employed the services of a rugby star to help with its April Fools Day prank - in this case the 2003 winning captain Martin Johnson. "Anyone still using 2003 as their PIN number, it really is time to move on," he said.

Nokia Here Kitty

april fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 30

Cats, as we know, are disloyal minxes (literally in some cases) and are want to sneak around behind your back, supping on a neighbour's milk as happily as your own.

That's why Here Maps has devised a wearable cat collar for you to track your feline friend's whereabouts online through the map service. You can also train your cat to lick the fish bone symbol on the collar to communicate; one lick means "I'm coming home and hungry", three means "don't wait up, I'm having a late one".

Carlsberg Drone

Ever since Amazon announced that it planned to make deliveries by drone the idea has been popular. Hence it's the focus for Carlsberg's April Fools' Day joke, with its own beer delivery drone.

Packs of ice cold beer will be delivered strait to your home within half an hour of order. And it's a nice touch having the local newspaper, the Northampton Chronicle, report on amateur footage of the drone in action being recorded in the area as a scoop.

Smartbox by inbox by Gmail by Google

Google has chosen April Fools' Day to announce a revamp on good old fashioned snailmail. Smartbox is a US-style mail box that notifies its owner when there is physical mail. It'll even organise it, zap spam mailers and offers a display screen for Google connectivity on the go.

Of course none of this is actually real and Google is basically dancing on the grave of mail - which it killed. But it's all in the name of a laugh so why not?

Kameleon Kloak for iPhone 6

Case design has always been an issue, with new covers needed to suit new outfits. Now Kameleon Kloak is here to change all that with its iPhone 6 case that adapts to whatever its owner is wearing.

Of course this is utter codswallop but we like to use the word codswallop at least once a year so now seems like the right time to cash in.

Google Fiber offers dial-up mode

The fast paced world often leaves us rushing too fast through life. So Google Fiber has announced it's Dial-Up mode which will us the speed of a 56k modem, including grainy sound, to slow you down and let you enjoy life.

While the idea of slowing down the data in the pipes is laughable we like the idea of slowing down to take more time for living life. 

iZettle 18-karat gold chip and pin reader

iZettleapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 32

iZettle, creator of the small business chip and pin reader, has blinged up its offering with an 18-karat gold model.

Now spending money should feel more decadent than ever for those using the 18-karat iZettle. Luxury mobile payments, that don't necessarily have to be for luxury items, is set to be a fast growing area. Well, it would, if it was real.

Self-browsing Chromebooks

Googleapril fools day 2015 2016 and 2017 the best stories from around the web image 33

What's the next step in computing that'll make everything even more effortless? Self-browsing Chromebooks of course.

Google's self-browsing Chromebooks start running and surfing the web from the touch of a button, without any input required. From writing emails to sending roses to your loved one, it'll do it all. The company points out: "This new functionality has been tested for weeks, browsing the whole web from classifieds to news, music to cat photos - and now, these Chromebooks are responsible for the majority of ALL CAPS comments on the web."

While this is clearly a joke it's interesting that it pokes fun at its own goals of creating machines that live our lives for us.

Olympus Pen FashScan App

FashScan is the app from Olympus which, as the name suggest, scans fashion using the Olympus Pen camera. Retailers can use the app to help offer outfit selections to shopper, or not since it's April Fools' Day.

While this is clearly a joke similar systems have appeared in the past which may, one day, make virtual shopping faster and easier than the real thing.

Samsung smart trousers

Imagine a pair of trousers with Wi-Fly that can intelligently alert you to a low fly via your smartphone. Or pressure sensors that get you moving after detecting you've been sitting too long. How about a system that detects when your waist tension is too tight and locks the fridge? The Samsung Internet of Trousers can do all that and will even track heart rate and blood pressure to remind you to keep your trousers on when things get hot and heavy, but you've set them to help you stay in control.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Roach

Sometimes games can be too real. That's when back-up needs to be called in. We don't want to ruin the fun of this video so won't say anything more. Watch and enjoy.

Hondaold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 1

Emoji number plates

Honda has chosen today to show off a world first, the emoji number plate. This is aimed at its younger buyers who want to express more than the numbers and letters on the front of their car can currently offer.

The Honda Civic Type-R is shown with the new plates. Honda is in talks with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) with plans to have these emoji plates on the roads by 2017.

Perhaps in time for next April Fools' day?

Santanderold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 2


Tweeted by Santander, the Santandems bike needed a double take. Yup, they've managed to clone Jensen Button it seems.

Great timing and a wonderful way to help launch their new London rental bikes for pairs. Now we want to see the two Buttons race head to head on separate bikes.

Pimmsold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 3

Pimms o'clock

You've heard of Pimms o'clock before, but if you were unsure of exactly when that is, London's Big Ben may now be able to help.

The drinks company has taken over the face of Big Ben, as shown off in a news report from Peter Sissons himself. So, you know, it's gotta be real.

Google Cardboard Plastic

Google's Cardboard virtual reality headset that turns a phone into a world warping experience has long been rumoured to get a plastic upgrade.

It appears this isn't quite what we were expecting. Check out the video to see how reality can be included in Cardboard too. It doesn't look much sillier than Google Glass to be honest.


Music on the go still hasn't been perfected. Earphones, headphones, vibrating bone conduction audio - none of it has nailed it.

The solution is here: a flying speaker. How this hasn't been done before we can't fathom. Ideal for sharing with everyone around you too - but still probably less sound bleed than standard Apple earphones.

Domino's Remote Slice

Watch out Domino's employees, a robot with a pizza cutting arm is coming for your jobs.

Also, if the Domimaker (as it's called) were to get out of control, probably your limbs would be in danger of a good slicing too. Still, if it means getting better cut pizza faster it's worth the risk, right?

YouTube SnoopaVision

If you've been on YouTube today you might have noticed the small icon at the bottom which looks like a profile of Snoop Dogg, because it is.

Hit that SnoopaVision icon and you'll be taken into a world of virtual reality videos where you can enjoy YouTube greats as if you were in the room watching with Snoop Dogg. Although this is just an April Fool, we applaud the effort. It's worth watching some of the videos just for Snoop's commentary.

Deliveroo TeleOrder

If you thought ordering take away couldn't get much easier, you need to try the mind controlled Deliveroo.

The only problem is you'll have to concentrate really hard if you want to be healthy.

Arsenal stadium Citroën sunroof

Arsenal's famous Emirates Stadium is due for an overhaul thanks to Citroën.

A new material "sunroof" will be installed on the stadium for 2017. As the players attest in the above video it should allow for weather control to help improve player performance. Maybe there's a little too much gooning around going on here.

Sonyold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 4

The Proton Pack

Remember the Proton Pack from The Ghostbusters films? Sony has made one.

Sony says: "Superconducting temperatures are maintained by a liquid helium reservoir, and an active cryocooler ensures that operational time vastly exceeds that available from a cryogen dewar alone".

On top of all that fancy ghost capturing tech it'll even pack in a Sony Cyber-Shot RX camera, Short Throw 4K projector and Stamina battery mode - ideal for winding down after a day of ghost hunting.

Houzzold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 5

Houzz Smartz

The company behind home furniture shopping of the future has come up with its own line of smart furniture. Not only are the items spacially aware, to offer placement advice, but they track changes too. The furniture will be able to alert the home owner to dirt build up, smudges and even wrinkles.

The furniture is interactive so, Houzz says, "spending time with your furniture is like being with friends".

Fireboxold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 6

Star Trek White Noise sleep aid

Sometimes the one thing you need to send you off to the land of nod at night is the sound of an intergalactic space vessel. Search no further.

ThinkGeek has come up with a device that will replicate (heh) up to eight sounds from five different spacecraft. It will even project a moving star field onto your ceiling to really lull you off to sleep.

First Directold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 7

First Direct 

Save Zap is a new wearable from First Direct capable of recognising a wearer's location and zapping them when they get too close to a shop they've set as a no go area.

Simple, yet painfully effective.

WaterPik Shower Belt

Never slip up in the shower again with the Shower Belt. Not only will the belt suction-attach to the shower walls at three anchor points, to avoid falling, but it'll double as a tool belt too.

Load up with your shower gel, razor, shampoo and anything else you can cram into the Shower Belt and, even with all that weight, you don't need to worry about falling. Good luck cleaning your waist area though.

Fireboxold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 8


Walking and staying connected are not friends. Pesky pedestrians, roads and cars can all get in the way of a nice stroll with your head down in your phone - or they did until now.

The i-Dodge from Firebox is a slimline case designed to alert the user to pedestrians. The unit has a built-in flashing light which will illuminate to make sure you don't walk into a potential collision. Safety and multi-tasking functionality all for £50? Worth it.

Sealyold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 9

Sealy Snore Blocker

Worry about a noisy bed partner no more, thanks to Sealy's new Snore Blocker.

Specifically tuned to activate when it detects snoring this devices "uses technology" to create a sound barrier that blocks up to 90 per cent of snore noises.

Virginold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 10

Virgin Active Personal Trainers

What better way to keep motivated when at the gym than have a personal trainer built into your kicks? That's what these trainers do thanks to built-in speakers that shout tips as you train. But there's more.

The laces can't be removed until 2000 calories have been burned, plus there's a projector to display over 100 workouts for you to follow. Watch out personal trainers, you've got some serious competition... or you would if it were actually serious.

Silent Loo app

Bathstore has come up with an app that will help drown out the noise of going to the toilet.

Save water by leaving the noisy taps off and let the Silent Loo app do the work while you let rip. Hey, toilet humour is still funny, right?

Grouponold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 11

Starkers Stripes

Naked selfies are all the rage, apparently. So Groupon has got involved with its Starkers Stripes that can be worn to cover those more sensitive areas.

It's currently offering buy one get one free, ideal for those that need a little more coverage.

Hotels.comold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 12

Test Before You Rest

An ingenious idea from Hotels.com lets you virtually tour a hotel room before you decide to rent it.

We're actually kind of gutted this is just a prank - it's a great and useful idea and we'd love to see the carpet stains and shower room mildew we're treating ourselves to in advance.

Samsungold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 13

Samsung ExoKinetic

Samsung has chosen today to reveal on Twitter a kinetic charging device that can attach to its phones.

Using movement and a handy winding crown your handset can be charged using movement alone thanks to the ExoKinetic. If only.

Google Express CHUTERS

What's the best way to deliver a package via the air? No, not just drones, but parachutes.

Google Express has come up with some tech to make tech seem more techy and that tech will deliver things like tech to you. How? You'll have to watch to the end to find out.

H&Mold april fools day 2016 feature for ripping image 14

Zuckerberg x H&M

Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, once said about wearing the same clothes each day: "I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community".

H&M has taken that to heart and now offers a Zuck style range that features one pair of blue jeans and seven grey t-shirts, leaving you all set for the week.

Voucher Reality

Voucher codes are great for online shopping, but how can we get at them when out and about? By strapping a VR headset on and having them crop up as we walk by shops, of course. That's the idea myvouchercodes has anyway. From watching the video we can't possibly imagine how this won't catch on.

Pure Evoke Chameleon

Pureapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 2

Digital audio specialist Pure has got in on the act with its Pure Evoke Chameleon, a digital radio that has the ability to "blend into any background".

Using Pure's proprietary ChamoTech technology, it can adapt its skin to change colour to match the background. Embedded heat sensors are layered onto artificial chromotophores, the same sort of cells found in chameleons, and these ensure the hues in the skin suit the surroundings.

Pure states that the radio will be available for £599.99. Of course it won't. Nice try though.

Virgin Media WiFi Walkies

Virgin Mediaapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 3

In order to ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal whenever you are out walking the dog, Virgin Media has invented a dog lead with a transmitter built into the handle. The lead itself works as an antenna, so will pick up a stronger signal the further away your pet.

The resulting connectivity gives your smartphone better access to Wi-Fi hotspots from shops, cafes and other public buildings.

And if you're still in any doubt about its validity, the WiFi Walkies project is headed by Virgin Media's own Aerial-Frequency Online Output Lab (AF-OOL).

Roku SnackSuggest

Rokuapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 4

Roku SnackSuggest is a new feature of the Roku front-end that suggests food types to match your viewing, whether it's a TV show or movie. Your favourite entertainment will prompt a snack pairing that will help you enjoy it more.

According to Roku, you can enable SnackSuggest in the settings menu of your Roku streaming device. Tell it your personal information, taste preference and dietary requirements. Oh, and while you're at it, tell it what a fool you are if you fell for it.

Tinder Profile Optimisation: Tinderisation

Enjoy Digitalapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 6

Digital marketing consultancy Enjoy Digital has developed a way for Tinder users to improve their profiles and increase their match rates.

The Tinderisation service offers consultancy with a qualified TinderScribe, who can pinpoint users' most captivating traits and help them make the most of their profiles. The PicturePimper and FriendFaker tools can be used to improve the attractiveness of a Tinder page and get them dates more effectively.

It's all codswallop, of course.

Paddy Power Seahorse Racing

Paddy Powerapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 5

UK betting firm Paddy Power raised a giggle with its "world's first seahorse race". It claims that seahorse races will be streamed live, with punters able to bet on the outcome.

The equine-aquatic sport could even be worth an extra £5 million a year to the betting industry and specially-designed aquariums have been developed for safe racing.

"It's one of those ideas that’ll sink or swim but we’re delighted to be the first sponsor to take the plunge. The little blighters are tough to train and their tiny saddles keeping falling off but I reckon we’ve backed a winner," said a Paddy Power spokesman.

Dominos Heatwave Letterbox

Dominosapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 7

The pizza takeaway service Dominos has devised an oversized letterbox that means you don't have to open the door to receive your pizza deliveries. What's more, the insulated sleeve on the other side ensures your dinner stays hot.

It'll be available in several finishes - ice chrome, slick nickel and classy brassy - so will suit your front door.

"I'm over the moon with it. I love pizza and I love my front door so this is just the perfect combination," said Dany Door, the first person to try the new letterbox.

Burger King Whopper Toothpaste

Burger Kingapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 8

Fast food brand Burger King always gets in on the April Fools action and its Whopper Toothpaste idea is as amusing as it is disgusting.

It was apparently created to make that flame grilled beef taste last even longer, thanks to extracts of Whopper burgers being infused into the toothpaste. Yikes.

You have to hand it to Burger King though, as always it's really gone to town on the joke.

Funeralbooker Home Cremation Service

Funeralbookerapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 9

Funeralbooker, the web service that helps you find plans to help pay for a funeral after you pass away, has come up with one way to make the sad occasion less expensive: do it yourself.

The home cremation service costs just £299.99 and includes door-to-door delivery of a custom-designed CremMate caplet. It's an all-in-one incinerator that is easy to assemble and can be sited on a garden patio, drive or even balcony.

Cornish Bakery Cornish Pasty Easter Egg

Cornish Bakeryapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 10

The Cornish Bakery has come up with an April Fools' Day gag that we'd actually like to see come to fruition: a Cornish Pasty Easter Egg.

To be honest, we're not ones for chocolate, so an alternative to a traditional Easter Egg is much welcome. Especially one filled with steak, swede, potato and onions. Yum.

Groupon Gin Sauna

Grouponapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 11

Here's another gag we'd actually be tempted by. Groupon is offering a spa treatment experience with a difference - instead of regular steam, the water is infused with a high-quality gin.

Attendees also get a lemon eye mask and will be served an ice-cold tonic water in a balloon glass. And what's the name of the spa? Skin & Tonic, of course.

OnePlus Dash Charge Energy Drink

april fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 28

OnePlus has figured out a way to transfer some of the power of its Dash Charge technology to an energy drink. The Dash Charge drink was even sent to Pocket-lint's offices for us to try out.

Yep, it tastes like every energy drink ever. Because it's an April Fools' Day spoof, of course. However, you can also get a 15 per cent discount on a Dash Charge bundle, including a Dash Power Adapter and Dash Type-C cable, on OnePlus UK's website until 4 April. And that's no joke.

Sun Basket Kids Plan

Sun Basketapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 13

There's a lot of food and drink April Fools' Day jokes this year, more than usual it seems, and organic food supplier Sun Basket has joined in the fun with another.

Launched on its social media platforms, the normally healthy eating specialist is encouraging children to eat high-sugar meals designed by kid chefs. Recipe suggestions include pasta with gummy worms and a lasagna with cereal and cookies.

A YouTube video was also created to show off the "delicious" foods.

National Animal Welfare Trust Map My Wee

National Animal Welfare Trustapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 14

NAWT proposes a new smartphone application that enables dog owners to map exactly where their pets do their "business". It allows them to take a dog back to its favourite locations to leave its calling cards.

Naturally, Map My Wee doesn't exist although we don't think it's a bad idea. And if nothing else is a great gag to raise awareness of the National Animal Welfare Trust and the great advice it can offer pet owners. You can find out more about the organisation at nawt.org.uk.

Houzz Hide From My room

Houzzapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 15

Houzz, the online service to help you design rooms in your home, has added a "new feature" to its smartphone and tablet app.

Hide From My Room enables you to point the AR app at any piece of furniture in your house and blast it from sight.

Houzz's instructions are:

  • Tap the Hide from My Room button in the Houzz app from any room in your home. This launches the feature and your phone or tablet’s camera.
  • Hold up your device and tap any inanimate object in your room to hide it from both your camera view and your actual room. Voila, it’s gone!

World's Most Expensive Porridge

Borthwick Castleapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 16

Borthwick Castle near Edinburgh is available for private hire and is aiming to go into the record books with the world's most expensive porridge.

The Castle's chef, Derek Johnstone, allegedly made the Scottish stable dish with organic spelt, king crab, and flavoured it with Dom Perignon champagne and saffron. It's topped with white Alba truffle and sea urchins. Beluga caviar is served in the side.

Each serving is said to cost £200, with an additional £150 per 25g of caviar. It's an exclusive for guests "staying in April". Specifically 1 April, we feel.

Man Freights Shipping Service

Man Crates has come up a ground-shipping service that’s designed to bring people together - literally. Called Man Freights, you can now cheaply (and “comfortably”) ship yourself. The crate itself is like a tiny home that supposedly offers first-class comfort.

First, you make way to the Man Crates warehouse, where you’ll be greeted with a “warm smile, safety helmet, and glass of whiskey for the road”, according to Man Crates, and then once boarded up, you’ll have 48 to 72 to meditate, do yoga, karaoke, or whatever you want in the cramped box until you reach destination.

BMW dDrive Dog Basket

BMWapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 18

BMW has developed a “dDrive technology” dog basket for pampered pooches. It’s basically a BMW car-styled basket equipped with a carbon fibre, TwinPower Turbo fan. BMW said it’ll let “pining pets experience the feeling of the wind in their hair from the comfort (and safety) of their own home”. If you want this fancy dog bed, BMW is offering it in Nappa leather and 12 different colours.

Jack Russell, head of Product Fabrication, explained: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the sheer driving pleasure of a BMW and so we have taken our innovations in mobility solutions using carbon fibre and TwinPower Turbo technology to provide a product for a brand-new audience. Owners can also feel safe in the knowledge that their canine friends are enjoying the thrill of driving in a BMW without any potential mishaps or damage to the back seats.”

Google Maps Ms. Pac-Man

Googleapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 19

Google has transformed its Maps app into a version of Pac-Man. Check out Maps for Android, iOS, and desktop to find "Ms. Pac-Man". Simply open up Maps, and then click on the Pac-Maps button on the right. Once you press the button, your Map will turn into an arcade-style grid.

On Android, you'll be taken to a random location, though some iOS users have claimed they could choose anywhere they wanted to play. The web version does appear to let you pick your own levels. Anyway, once you land some place, you'll be given five lives to chomp fruit, collect dots, and outrun ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue. Google said Ms. Pac-Man will be available until 4 April.

You can even sign in to save your top score on a leaderboard and share it with friends.

Google Gnome

Google Home is now an April Fools' joke: Google turned the smart speaker into a smart gnome that can tell you the direction of the wind. It'll also tell your child that all living things decompose. How sweet.

Google Wind

Google Netherlands has come up with Google Wind, a series of “machine learning” windmills that shoo away cloudy skies for another day: "Holland is one of the greatest countries to live in, but the biggest downside is that it rains 145 days a year. That’s why the Google Cloud Platform team in the Netherlands is launching Google Wind this spring," Google explained on YouTube.

Google "upgraded" some historical windmills in Holland with control modules connected to Google Cloud Platform. Google Wind can then recognise cloud patterns and orchestrate the network of windmills when rain is approaching. "Test results look very promising," Google said.

Google Bubble Wrap Keyboard

Google Japan is now getting in on April Fools’ day, with a new form factor for keyboards: bubble wrap (Puchi Puchi, in Japanese). With this concept, you can push the bubble wrap for letters, then put it through a reader to send your message. There’s even scented bubbles so you can smell the sea breeze as you pop each one.

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 24

ThinkGeek of course has a few concepts to offer up for April Fools' Day. One of them is this $79.99 Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag for camping trips. It takes two minutes to "reach maximum internal temperature" -- and it even comes with an "integrated crisping sleeve", which allows for maximum warmth retention.


ThinkGeekapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 25

ThinkGeek's $19.99 SwearJar reminds you to deposit money whenever you curse. But it's not very pleasant. There's a ratings control knob on the front so you can choose a rating for the profanity. If you turn up the rating, you may hear it tell you "Start $%@!%#^ saving today!

Where's Barb?

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 27

ThinkGeek took Netflix's Stranger Things and mashed it up with the game Where's Waldo to produce a crossover called Where's Barb? It costs $13.99 and basically lets you search the little town of Hawkins for Barbara Holland.

Swim Desk

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 23

The Swim Desk is a new take on the treadmill desk: "This is the ideal way to obtain the health benefits of a standing desk while at work," ThinkGeek explained. "Set the speed of the artificial current so it's appropriate to your current task. Swimming is the new standing!" For a measly $1,999.99, you can take the plunge.

Westworld Snake Temporary Tattoo

ThinkGeekapril fools day 2017 the best stories from around the web image 26

ThinkGeek recreated the Armistice's full-body snake tattoo from HBO's Westworld. It's a $18.99 temporary tattoo for cosplayers. It's spread across 20 sheets of paper, so you may need a friend to help apply. 

Writing by Luke Edwards and Rik Henderson. Originally published on 27 March 2015.