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(Pocket-lint) - Knomo launched the Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag just before Christmas 2014 as a bag that brought the worlds of fashion and technology together. It was designed with Danish blogger and broadcaster Christiane Vejlo and its purpose was to allow women to move from day to night seamlessly. 

We got our hands on the original when it launched and it's been near enough everywhere with us, but the company has since announced its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection and guess what? It hasn't just tweaked the design (ever so slightly), but it has also added new colours and introduced a mini version.

We saw the new design at a preview event of the new collection and we love it just as much as the original, so let us explain why the Elektronista Digital Clutch is a bag that deserves a place in every girl's wardrobe.

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When you first look at the Elektronista Digital Clutch you'd assume it was any other typical bag, but that tends to be the way with most Knomo bags and that's the beauty of them. The Elektronista Clutch features zip detailing on either side, along with a small zipped pocket on the front flap that lifts up to reveal the inside of the bag.

The pocket is large enough to fit a passport inside, something we do a lot with the original model, but it also has separate card slots within it for easy access to your most-used cards, like a credit or debit card or your driving licence for example. We also use it for coins and lipstick every now and then, but it makes the front flap a little weighty.

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A small Knomo logo is featured on the front of the flap below the pocket, and on the underside when you open the flap, you'll find the Elektronista branding, as well as the Knomo ID tag. The Knomo ID is handy if you register it online as it enables someone who finds a lost Knomo bag to find out who it belongs to so you might get it returned to you if you lose it.

The back of the bag has separate pocket that is useful for keeping your phone in as it is easily accessible but still secure because it sits against your side. This pocket has loops at the top, which allow you to disconnect the accompanying shoulder strap. The original model has chain detailing on the strap, while the new model doesn't, which is a bit of a shame as the chain looks good. It makes the bag perfect for evenings out, while the plain strap on the new models deliver a more subtle look for daytime use.

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The above is only half of what this bag does though. Opening the zips on other side takes you to an entirely new realm and the new Elektronista adds an extra pocket so you end up with even more options.

The main pocket is accessible without opening the zips. It is large enough to house up to a 10-inch tablet, but it can also be used for make-up or any other essentials you want to carry around with you. Without the zips undone, it's like a normal clutch bag with a main compartment and a second compartment with a few extra pockets. When you open the zips however, the Elektronista folds out into an organiser's dream.

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The original Elektronista features two passport-sized pockets, along with a smaller pocket that houses the 3000mAh battery pack, which is included in the £250 price tag. The battery pack comes out and is charged via Micro-USB but any USB cable can be inserted into its output, meaning you can charge an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows Phone as long as you have the respective lead. There is an elasticated band across the top of the battery pack packet, which is handy for rolling up your USB cable and keeping it neatly tucked away, but you could also use it for your headphones for example.

On the new model of the Elektronista Digital Clutch, you get the same pockets mentioned above, along with an additional pocket behind them. This is handy as it means you can store your phone in this section and it will still be nice and easy to grab, even when the zips are closed.

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There is a pen slot in the middle of the two sections that you get when the bag is folded out. We used this mainly for make-up brushes and lip liner but it was handy for pens too, although when the bag is zipped up, it's difficult to access as it is right at the bottom.

The other side of the bag, which would sit opposite to the battery charger and passport-sized pockets when the zips are done up, has a netted zipped pocket, card slots for four cards and a detachable coin purse below the slots that pops on and off, and closes with a popper. The purse is great for lose change but we also found ourselves using it for earrings and smaller things that we didn't want getting lost inside the bag itself, but like the pen slot, it is a little harder to access when the bag is zipped up, although it does pull off easily.

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The original Elektronista came in black leather with gold detailing, which is the same colourway as the new mini model. This is very similar but features fewer pockets and is much smaller in width. The larger new Elektronista Digital Clutch comes in a orangey pink colour with silver metal detailing, as well as a grey with silver detailing. They are beautiful bags, just like the original and if we could afford the slightly pricey cost, we'd have this bag in every colourway there is.

The Knomo Elektronista Digital Clutch is available now in black and gold for £249, while the new colours will be coming later this year, along with the mini Elektronista.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.