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(Pocket-lint) - If you're old enough to remember the release of wristbands you could snap to your wrist you're probably not young enough to be a selfie addict. Combining the two, by creating a selfie stick that can be worn on your wrist, may cross-generations in its appeal.

Selfie sticks have been hugely popular of late, selling for cheap from Asian manufacturing plants while monopod suppliers like Promaster make emergency orders after selling out. eBay US alone is selling over 100,000 selfie sticks per month.

Whether you've received one as a half-joke present, or you're a die-hard selfie fan who knows the best angle is with a stick, The Pop Stick could be for you.

We met up with The Pop Stick creators to give the very early prototype a try.

Design and build

The Pop Stick certainly isn't as bulky or ugly as the current optical selfie sticks on the market. And for men, who don't have a handbag to carry a traditional selfie stick, this option is brilliant. It snaps on the wrist in an instant and can be forgotten about until you need it – no filling pockets, bags or getting in the way of fashion.

The strap is made from a military grade, waterproof polyurethane material that's available in customisable colours to suit the individual. There are two variants with 10 colour options for each – these are removable sleeves so changing to suit an outfit is an option.

Once extended The Pop Stick offers over half a meter of length to angle a selfie with maximum inclusion of the individual and their surroundings. We're all for anything that makes selfies about more than just the person in the photo striking a pose.

The version we had used stretching material to hold the phone in place but the final model will use a four point mount that's flexible enough to hold phones from iPhone 4S size right up to the 5.5-inch models.

Smart connected

This isn't just a strap or stick, this is a smart connected device. Using low power Bluetooth 4.0 the strap can actually speak to your phone. Why would I want this, you may ask?

It will allow you to capture photos remotely without having to set your smartphone on a timer. A button at the bottom of the stick allows you to snap once you're happy with the shot.

The button will be sold as an optional extra and slides locked into the Popstick. It should last a good two-years before you need to change the battery.

Secure snug holder

Pocket-lintthe pop stick a selfie stick you can snap to your wrist hands on  image 3

The makers of The Pop Stick assure us that the housing is super secure and the stick itself won't roll up mid shot. It's made by UK manufacturers who already supply a similar device to the military for extending radio aerials – so you know they're tough.

Once in stick mode in order to roll up the device you'll need to grip it on the wrsit and roll it. When extending it's as easy as a snap movement and it pops right out ready.

Which devices will it work with?

The Pop Stick is made to adjust to various smartphones. As long as your phone is able to connect to the Bluetooth button it can be used with the stick to shoot live. If, for some reason, you don't have Bluetooth a photo countdown timer will work also.

The Popstick is Android and iPhone agnostic so whatever the make of your smartphone it'll be Popstick friendly. The upper limit should be around 5.5-inches but since the mount is stretchy it may extend to phablets too.

How do I get one?

The Pop Stick will be available by the end of August but is launching for crowd-funding on Indiegogo in April.

You can register now for pre-order ready to be first on the list when The Pop Stick becomes available.

How much will the Popstick cost?

Final pricing has not been confirmed as Popstick is still in the prototype phase right now. Once the Indiegogo campaign completes a final price will be announced.

Expect to pay around £15 to £25 plus £10-15 for the Bluetooth shutter button or for a pack of three coloured sleeves.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.