Astell&Kern is particularly known for it's incredibly high-end high resolution audio players and in the stainless steel version of the AK240 it has truly outdone itself.

The company has introduced the limited edition version to give an even more deluxe feel and look to its top-of-the-range portable music player, which also weighs in at a top-of-the-range price of £2,499.

It has a stainless steel body, carbon fibre back and comes with a designer Tanniere Rémy Carriat leather case. There is a 3.31-inch AMOLED touchscreen too.

The player can playback a huge array of different audio file types, but it is best served with lossless tracks, having dual 24-bit/192kHz digital audio converters on board. It also has native DSD playback and can stream content over a network thanks to built-in Wi-Fi.

There is 256GB of on-board storage, but that can be expanded further through microSD card, up to an additional 128GB.

And the player has Bluetooth so is compatible with wireless headphones.

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Astell&Kern claims that the stainless steel build is not just for sturdiness and aesthetic design, it has audio properties too. "By offering more ground points, the AK240 Stainless Steel edition eliminates more electrical 'noise', meaning a purer audio experience," said the manufacturer.

"The standard AK240 already has laser-etched ground points on its anodised duralumin body, but with the Stainless Steel edition the entire casing acts as grounding."

The limited edition AK240 will be available through

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