Star Trek and sushi might not be something you'd immediately see going together but ThinkGeek did and now it's something you can own.

The Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Sushi Set has arrived to take the geek rating of sushi eating to the next frontier.

The Enterprise model is that from the original Star Trek series and features a removable top layer on the saucer dish. This turns it into a literal saucer which can be filled with soy sauce for dipping.

The warp engines at the rear of the ship double as holders. The blue engine glow isn't just for decoration but is actually a set of chop sticks that can be slid out for use with the set.

The entire piece is set on a wooden board that makes it looks like a Star Trek ornament when not in use. But once the kit is opened up it's the perfect size wooden board for holding your sushi as if it were following at impulse speed behind the Enterprise.

While the Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Sushi Set is a ThinkGeek production it's also an officially licensed Star Trek piece of kit. So if you've already got a decent collection this should fit in nicely.

The whole thing is about 15-inches long and can be bought now for $35. Go on, you know you want to own it - make it so.

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