Pancake art is fast becoming a popular internet phenomenon that, until recently, was reserved for those with artistic flair and a steady hand. Now PancakeBot has arrived, anyone can get involved.

PancakeBot is currently on Kickstarter where it's already beaten its $50,000 funding goal. It is essentially a 3D printer that extrudes pancake batter onto a hot plate. Software lets a person design what's going to be created and printed.

Pancake art works by drawing onto a hot plate using batter. The lines that go down first cook for longer and come out darker than those that go in later. Until now drawing pancake art took a sharp artistic mind that could layer an image in the correct order. Since this is what 3D printers specialise in the PancakeBot was born.

The PancakeBot will include software for Mac and Windows that allows owners to draw the desired end result, load it onto an SD card, then have the Bot print pancakes for them.

Pick up a PancakeBot by backing the project now where the starting price, at time of publishing, is $179 which is about £118. The PancakeBot should ship in July.

Batter, of course, will need to be provided by you so taste is something that still lays in the hands of the maker.

Other 3D food printers include the 3D Systems ChefJet that prints sweets, Natural Machines Foodini for pizzas and Chocabyte for - you guessed it - chocolate.

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