Android device fans from across the world let out an audible sigh (we're kidding - sort of) when Samsung announced its new Galaxy S6 flagship with a non-removable battery.

Samsung claimed there was no longer a need for user-swappable batteries since the Galaxy S6 charges faster than any other smartphone and supports wireless charging. There's just one problem with that logic: people still crave the comfort and security in being able to carry around an extra battery should they ever need to use it.

Mophie, a case manufacturer best known for its Juice Pack battery cases, likely knows all too well that mobile device owners appreciate advancements in technology but also desire reliable power solutions, so it has expanded its Juice Pack lineup to include the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagships that Samsung announced yesterday at MWC 2015.

The new cases add an extra 3300 mAh to the Galaxy S6's battery life - on top of an impressive protection system that claims to safeguard devices from damaging drops. The cases, which are the only battery charging cases available for Samsung's flagships at launch, also feature pass-through buttons and Mophie's proprietary mute switch.

You can get the Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge via for $99.95 each.