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(Pocket-lint) - When you see those children at airports riding around on their suitcases do you ever wish you could get away with that? Now you can with the Briefcase Electric Scooter.

Unlike the child-focused cases this model has an adult twist, electric drive. That means you can zip about on the case at up to 20kph for up to 10km, that's 12mph for 6 miles, on a charge. Plenty of juice for the airport rush then.

But rather than simply offering a way to draw attention to yourself at speed in an airport this could also be helpful for older people or photographers who might otherwise struggle with heavy bags. The case can be powered along carrying your gear as you walk if the thought of riding it was a bit much.

The entire case weighs in at 7.9kg and is carry-on size for the majority of airlines meaning you should be able to pack plenty and still enjoy not having to lug it around after yourself, or worry about it smashing in-flight.

The Briefcase Electric Scooter is powered by a quiet brushless motor inside the rear wheel and uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. There's also an option to have solar panels on the briefcase cover that should eek out even more mileage.

The Briefcase Electric Scooter is available now for $600, which is about £388, or with solar panels for $700, or about £452.

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Coolpedscan your suitcase hit 20kph the briefcase electric scooter can image 3

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Writing by Luke Edwards.