The time of asking, "Do you take card?" is hopefully coming to a close thanks to iZettle Lite, the world's first free chip-and-pin payment system.

The iZettle Lite is a chip-and-pin system that connects to a smartphone via cable and allows entrepreneurs to utilise card payments. The iZettle Lite unit is free of charge in what it claims is a world first but the business does still have to pay the usual fees for each transaction. But here iZettle is clear too with no hidden payments or charges, it says.

Businesses are required to pay a base fee of 2.75 per cent but this drops as more money is taken, going as low as 1.5 per cent. So if the person made £3,210 they would pay 2.33 per cent which is £75 but if they made £13,221 they'd pay 1.5 per cent which is £199. So for those making mega money the cap won't drop any lower but for anyone around £13,000 or more this is a helpful sliding scale system.

The Zettle Lite is free but requires a wired connection. For £49 iZettle's Card Reader Pro offers wireless connectivity and features a built-in display. This also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The iZettle card readers are available now from its site and simply require you to be a business to order.

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