(Pocket-lint) - Bike technology is developing fast so we headed down to the London Bike Show 2015 to see what's on offer.

One of the main reasons for so many new developments in the world of bikes is crowd-funding. With Indiegogo and Kickstarter offering money to would-be start-ups there have been all sorts of developments in the last few years. From laser based lighting like Blaze to car air-bag style helmets that appear from neck straps. It's all been impressive and most has made it to market and is on display at the London Bike Show 2015.

This year there were plenty of electric bikes on show along with their heavy price tags still scaring off many. And inevitably there was a fine selection of bikes made from little more than carbon and priced seemingly only for those that were swapping their sports cars for bikes.

We made sure to visit all the stands to see every technological offering available, from multi tools to giant mobile chargers for those adventuring far and wide. Check out the gallery to see all the best bits from the London Bike Show 2015 and save yourself the price of a ticket.

The London Bike Show 2015 is at the ExCel in London and runs from Thursday 12 February to Sunday 15 February.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.