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(Pocket-lint) - BikeHawk is an innovative start-up that wants to stop bike theft. A tall order that it appears to have tackled by offering GPS and SIM connected bike parts that let you know where you bike is, always. All that and its a ride tracking cycle computer too.

BikeHawk comes in three covert guises that thieves won't spot: a rear light, a seat post and a headset. None of the parts can be removed without the brand specific tool thanks to security screw smarts.

Should the worst happen and your bike is stolen the BikeHawk will detect unwarranted movement then text, email and app alert you. Using the BikeHawk app, for iOS and Android, it will show you - within 2.5 metres accuracy - where your bike is. Should the thief take it indoors to baffle the GPS signal the BikeHawk will intelligently switch to its 2G network. This uses all networks to find the best signal and triangulate itself within a 10-metre radius.

The system can be turned on by tapping an included fob which reacts with a light flash to alert you it's armed. Then when the BikeHawk's accelerometer detects unauthorised movement it will alert you remotely.

The battery in the BikeHawk accessories will last for a full month in security mode. Once you turn on live tracking it will be chewing more juice and should limit you to nearer a week. A supplied USB wall charger will keep you topped up. The plan is to offer inductive wireless charging so you can simply plop the wireless charger onto the unit and let it juice-up.

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BikeHawk is more than a security system, it can also act as a smart tracker. This allows you to check your routes on a map along with data like speed, distance and time. Since it’s all recorded as a GPX file you can easily drop it into Endomondo or Strava to add to you profile.

For parents the BikeHawk app allows them to create geo-fenced areas so they get notified when their children stray outside.

The BikeHawk light and headset will cost £90 with the carbon seat post at £120 when they become available in July. 

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 13 February 2015.