Pocket-lint has teamed up with artisan chocolate website Cocoarunners.com to bring Pocket-lint readers a specially curated box by our founder Stuart Miles.

Stuart set up Pocket-lint with an initial investment of £15, the same amount as his first investment in a box from Cocoa Runners, and the same amount the box will cost you when you use a special discount code we've set up especially for Pocket-lint readers.

To get your £5 discount on The Pocket-lint Collection at Cocoa Runners, please use the discount code Pocketlint5.

Get: The Pocket-lint Collection 

Even before discovering Cocoa Runners Stuart was a fan of great chocolate, and he regularly now joins them to taste new single estate, small batch bars from all around the world.

Stuart has selected four of the site's favourite bars for his collection. Starting with the ultimate milk chocolate from TCHO, a maker not realms apart from Stuart himself, as it is made by the founders of technology magazine WIRED.

He’s also chosen two dark bars varying from apple-like fruitiness to spicier notes, and has chosen also to feature a more unusual, unrefined chocolate

Cocoa Runners offers you the chance to either buy single bars of artisan chocolate from around the world, specially created gift boxes, or monthly subscriptions. 

With the subscriptions, you’ll be sent four bars of uniquely different artisan chocolate, neatly packaged to fit through your letterbox, every month. 

The site sources the bars from all over the world, and if you stumble on one you really like, it can supply more whenever you want it.

To get The Pocket-lint Collection head on over to Cocoa Runners site, and don't forget to use the £5 Pocketlint5 discount code.