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(Pocket-lint) - Spot is the new robot dog created by Google's Boston Dynamics. He's smaller than the first generation LS3 Big Dog, but just as capable.

Spot is a 73kg electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot that can walk, trot and climb. Spot can even take a kick and stay standing.

The robot dog uses sensors to be able to navigate terrain. It can also spot other robots or humans so as to follow or move around them.

While Spot has only just been unveiled in the video below it's already been tested in a live military trial with US Marines in Hawaii. Legged Squad Support System, as it is officially known, has been in development for five years. Spot is able to follow a soldier over rugged terrain and carry a hefty 180kg of kit and weapons.

You may notice from the video that Spot is far quieter than Big Dog, this is thanks to using hydraulics rather than a pump engine. This should prove useful on military maneuvers where low noise approaches are important.

Check out the video and gallery to enjoy Spot in action. Here's hoping Google adapts these robots for use by everyone soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 11 February 2015.