Just imagine for a moment that you can't find your expensive iPad.

Rather than having a mini panic attack, simply open the Pixie app on your phone and aim it around your house until it locates your hidden tablet. It's not impossible to do. All you need is a Pixie Point attached to your tablet, and if you own several Pixie Points, you'll likely never lose an object - let alone an iPad - again.

A Pixie Point is like a 3.2mm-thick fob or beacon or smart tag. It actually looks like a magnified guitar pick and attaches to keys, wallets, remotes, toys, pets, and anything else you can imagine. The idea is that you'll place them on readily-needed things. They use Bluetooth LE to talk with each other and sync to the Pixie app.

If you were to ever misplace a Pixified object, just use the Pixie app to find it. It'll perform a "sophisticated triangulation" with "location engineering". In a nutshell: the app will display an augmented-reality map of wherever you point your smartphone, whether that's indoors or outdoors, with an X marking the location of your object.


So, if the object is on other side of a wall or buried under a cushion, the Pixie app will show you its exact location - even down to a few inches nearby or up to 150 feet away. Not only does the Pixie app locate objects, but it'll also create a virtual zone that will alert you whenever anything moves around the Pixified object.

The Pixie team has dubbed its setup a "Location of Things" platform - an obvious nod to the Internet of Things platform, which includes internet-connected devices and smarthomes. You can watch the video below to learn more. If you'd like to get some Pixie Points straightaway, you can pre-order them through Pixie's website.

Pixie Points are scheduled to start shipping this summer. Pricing starts at $39.95 for one pack.