Geeks of the world rejoice, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B has been announced by element14. While this wasn't expected until 2017 the manufacturer will be dishing out the upgraded hardware early, today.

The Raspberry Pi Model B is a super-powered version of the original Model B that sports a 900MHz quad-core Broadcom system-on-chip that's backed by 1GB of RAM. This, element14 claims, is six times more powerful than the Raspberry Pi Model B+.

The new BCM2836 features four 32-bit ARMv7 Cortex-A7 cores backed by 1GB of RAM. A huge jump forward in power then.

According to element14, "The expanded GPIO pins, advanced power management and connectivity, make it possible to connect up to four USB devices, including some powered devices such as hard drives. The 40-pin GPIO enables multiple sensors, connectors and expansion boards to be added, with the first 26 pins identical to the Model A and B boards, for full backward compatibility."

On the matter of six times the power, foundation head Eben Upton told The Register: "If you run a multi-threaded synthetic CPU benchmark on it, they all spit out a number that's about six. That's both optimistic and pessimistic. It's optimistic because, of course, those are multi-threaded benchmarks. It's pessimistic because I don't think those synthetic benchmarks punish the [ARM processor] hard enough."

So it may be even more powerful than the company is claiming when used in real world situations.

The Raspberry Pi 2 will launch today at the same price as the B+ for just £26.42.

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