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(Pocket-lint) - The selfie has reached another level of popularity as officials announce a new passport card that can feature a selfie photo taken on your phone.

The cards can be used to travel anywhere in the EU without a passport, once you've registered and sent a suitable selfie for the photo. They will be available in Ireland from mid-July for €35 which is about £26.

Owners of the card will be able to travel around the 28 nations of the EU, plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. It could be used as a backup so losing a passport while abroad won't be such a hassle in future.

To apply for the card applicants will need to go online or use the smartphone app to upload their selfie and make payment. Once the card is sent out they'll be able to leave the passport at home.

This is the first time a self-taken photo has been allowed to be used on any form of official identification. Of course the selfie will have to be accepted so posing, odd angles or photobombed shots will likely be rejected.

The card will be for those Irish citizens that already have a passport and are over 18. The card will last for five years or until the passport runs out. The cards will be an Irish launch but hopefully the rest of the EU will take note and the same will be available in the UK soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.