(Pocket-lint) - Flexible gadgets are about to become more mainstream than ever thanks to a bendy battery that's as thin as paper and is here to redefine "cutting edge".

Jenax's J.Flex battery is a bit like paper in size and can be folded, screwed up or twisted all while remaining fully operational. This means that flexible screened gadgets, with flexible components will no longer be limited by fixed batteries. Phones could soon be folded into your pocket or bent around your wrist.

Imagine a battery built into the strap of a smartwatch, finally battery life on wearables won't be such an issue while allowing the size of the devices to be shrunk down.

Another possible development from this advancement would be foldable tablets that you could fit into your pocket just like a phone. Then when you want a big screen view simply unfold the tablet and you're all set for viewing.

The battery has already been created and has even been safety tested, including being folded over 200,000 times without losing performance. Plus the battery is waterproof meaning it could be used in clothing too without being damaged in the wash.

This year is going to see more wearables and smart clothes than ever before appearing, expect to see the J.Flex at the heart of plenty.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.