(Pocket-lint) - Leatherman has a new "wearable tool" that's actually a lot like its classic multi-tool, but in the form of a bracelet. It's called Leatherman Tread.

Tread is made up of "high-strength, corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel links", and each one comes with distinct functional tools. The idea is that you'll wear the Tread on your wrist and have easy and immediate access to 25 or so tools including box wrenches and screwdrivers.

Ben Rivera, Leatherman's president, said he first imagined the tool when Disneyland wouldn't let him into the amusement park due to the Leatherman Skeletool he was toting around. Rivera has experiences as an engineer, so he wondered if Leatherman could make a chain-link bracelet with functional tools. He even wore a bike chain around his wrist to see how it would feel.

He obviously didn't mind the weight of metal around his wrist, because Leatherman is announcing Tread. The rugged bracelet is fully customisable with slotted fasteners, allowing you to rearrange links and add new ones. The clasp even serves as a bottle opener and a #2 square drive. Other handy tools include a cutting hook, hex drives, and a carbide glass breaker.

Tread should launch this summer. Another version that includes a Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement and shock resistant sapphire crystal will launch around autumn. There's no word yet on price, but watch the video above for more details.

Writing by Elyse Betters.