(Pocket-lint) - The humble ski helmet is about to get an overhaul by Aussie start-up Forcite with its Alpine smart helmet.

Rather than merely offering protection the Forcite Alpine wants to allow its wearer to film, communicate, track and share skiing and snowboarding experiences easily. That's why this helmet is crammed with tech.

At the front of the Alpine is a 1080p camera capable of 120fps slow-motion video footage, there's also a wind-resistant mic for sound. If it's dark or foggy there are built-in OLED fog lights both to help keep you safe and to help illuminate your video footage.

The helmet also comes with a 3D speaker system that allows the wearer to take and receive phone calls without needing their phone to hand thanks to an accompanying smartphone app. And when you're not on the phone the speakers can stream music from your mobile via Bluetooth 4.1. The helmet can also connect directly to the internet using its built-in 50m Wi-Fi.

The Alpine features an internal Inertial Measurement Unit, which is science-speak for movement sensors. These allow the wearer to track speed, distance and altitude which can be uploaded to the app for personal records, to share with friends or as a competitive marker.

If all that tech sounds like it'll hinder safety, fear not. The Alpine can detect impacts and upon a serious one will send out a GPS signal to alert the snow park emergency team. All that and it should last up to 8-hours on a charge.

Forcite Alpine will come in 32GB, 64Gb and 128GB versions. Pricing and release date have yet to be announced but you'll be able to get hold of one in late 2015.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.