(Pocket-lint) - The guy who cofounded Nest and is considered "the father of the iPod" has now taken control of Google Glass.

Google Glass is leaving the experimental Google X unit and will become one of Tony Fadell's responsibilities, Fortune has reported. Ivy Ross, who was appointed head of Glass last May, will now report to Fadell. This shakeup comes after several reports have questioned the future of Glass and the way Google seems to be handling its once much-anticipated moonshot project.

Fadell sold his company to Google roughly a year ago for $3.2 billion. Since then, Nest has acquired Dropcam for $555 million and launched a program called Works with Nest. It makes it possible for Nest devices to securely interact with other internet-connected devices, thus propelling innovation in the home automation space.

Although Glass will remain at Google and not become a part of Nest, it'll be interesting to see if Fadell includes Google's $1,500 wearable into his home automation vision. He will continue at Nest while also taking on Glass, signifying that Google's cofounders must implicitly trust him.

UPDATE: Google has released a statement via Google+, in which the company admits it will close the Explorer Programme and that 19 January will be the last day to get an Explorer Edition of Glass. Google still plans to work on "future versions" of Glass.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.