Would-be mums can now listen to their unborn baby's heartbeat using a new gadget connected to their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Called the Bellabeat Shell, the tennis ball sized wooden device features a number of sensors that are able to amplify noises within the womb allowing you to listen in.

Using a Bluetooth connection it can then send those noises to your phone so you can listen, record, and even share the heartbeat and movement coming from your child.

If you find yourself bored on listening to their beating rhythm, you can reverse the sensor to play music instead either from your phone, or songs, music, and noises you've recorded yourself.

After the big event, the company says you can use the Shell as a regular baby monitor to let you not only listen in to what's going on in your baby's room, but also to play white noise to help with sleeping. Additionally you'll be able to use it to analyse temperature and air humidity in your nursery.

The Bellabeat Shell is expected to launch later this year, prices are still to be confirmed.