Fast food chain McDonald's has teamed with tech firm Aircharge to add 600 Qi wireless charging points in 50 London restaurants and others around the UK.

The two successfully trialled the service, which gives customers the option to place their compatible phones on dedicated Aircharge mats while they eat, and have decided to go ahead with an extended roll out.

In one of the trialled restaurants, customers were even willing to wait up to 30 minutes for a spare charging mat to become available.

The Aircharge points adopted for McDonald's are water resistant and can be easily wiped clean. You will need a Qi charging-enabled phone or phone case to use them however.

The charging service will be provided completely free, just like the Wi-Fi provided by O2. As yet, neither McDonald's nor Aircharge have revealed which restaurants will be fitted with the devices. We'd imagine it will initially be the larger ones in the centre of London and other major cities, however.

Aircharge also offers wireless charging points and other products for the home, businesses and other public spaces. These include a Qi wireless charging valet tray which we'd love to see in our next hotel for sure. Room service anyone?