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(Pocket-lint) - True wireless charging is finally a reality thanks to the Energous WattUp. No more wires or charging plates as this beast works wirelessly from 20-feet away.

Until now the talk about over-the-air charging has been limited to developmental kit like uBeam. Now Energous has shown off its WattUp at CES 2015.

Much like a Wi-Fi router the WattUp can be left in a room at home, plugged in, where it will be able to pump out power for devices to charge from. The router works up to 20-feet and sends the power in a mixture of RF, Bluetooth and other radio technologies. Potentially any device can use WattUp to charge as long as they have a small chip added to convert the signals to DC power.

Other "energy routers" can be added allowing you to punt power across your home without the need for wires.

This is a huge jump from power plates which are technically wireless but still require you to leave you phone in one place. With WattUp you'll be able to move about with your phone in hand or pocket as it charges. Plates currently are 90 per cent efficient at power transfer and this technology will be 80 per cent efficient – not bad for such a new tech, and plenty to keep kit juiced.

The catch? This won't be available until 2016. But that could be a good thing as it gives gadget manufacturers time to include the charging chips in phones and the like so you don't need to add that on.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 6 January 2015.