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(Pocket-lint) - Gogoro, a company aiming to change city energy, has unveiled its electric Smartscooter at CES 2015. But it's not simply an electric scooter, it uses battery swapping stations to allow it to keep going.

The Smartscooter is a powerful two-wheeled beast capable of a 0-50kph (31mph) time of 4.2 second making it faster than a conventional 125cc bike thanks to the instant torque of electric. It has a top speed of 95kph, or 60mph.

This performance is thanks to the G1 Motor designed for maximum efficiency, the ultra light racing grade aluminium aeroframe, race suspension inspired by jet-fighter landing gears plus balance and agility for up to 48.5-degree angled cornering. Of course there's also an app to control it all from the bike or phone, find swapping stations, show battery use and more.

The really impressive development with this bike is the infrastructure to support it. While the bike has a range of 60 miles Gogoro has stopped this being a problem by introducing battery swapping stations where a quick swap out of both batteries can be done in 6-seconds. Check out the video to see it being done.

So the next question is when will this bike and its infrastructure arrive and how much will it cost? So far we know the bike will be released this year but pricing will work both on sale of the bike and a subscription system for unlimited battery swapping access if you need it – neither of these prices have been mentioned yet.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 6 January 2015.