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(Pocket-lint) - Print advertising is not dead, it just needs to adapt to survive, says BMW. The car manufacturer has teamed with London-based tech start-up Tamoco to add NFC chips to magazine ads in order for readers to interact with the printed page.

Tamoco already partnered with Uber to include small NFC tags in beer mats in London pubs in order to offer revellers taxi rides home and irs hardware and software technologies are the first to be employed in an European magazine.

All copies of German magazine Spiegel Wissen, a quarterly spin-off from Der Speigel, have NFC-enabled BMW adverts. Once tapped on the page, a reader's NFC-enabled smartphone downloads the BMW i app and users are directed to the relevant content. The cloud software utilised also enables the car firm to track and analyse reader responses.

Tamoco also worked AT&T as part of a tie-up with the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. It claims that one customer every four minutes interacted with its dedicated promotion at the time.

The Spiegel Wissen: Das Auto von Morgen (the car of tomorrow) issue is available now and features a four page BMW i3 and i8 NFC-chipped advert.

"We weren’t surprised Der Spiegel was prepared to take this bold and exciting step in supporting a NFC print campaign, as it’s perfectly suited to BMW’s brand and customer base and we believe there’s huge potential to blur the lines between print and digital advertising further," said Maximilian Birner, Tamoco's founder and CEO.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 2 January 2015.