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(Pocket-lint) - The year is at an end and while 2014 has been a great year for technology, especially in its integration with everyday life in all aspects, 2015 promises to be better still. Many products and trends we hoped to see in the last year are likely to arrive and could fulfil their potential in greater fashion.

Wearables and smartwatches for one will no doubt be enhanced by the introduction of new devices, not least the Apple Watch. And maybe we'll even see a consumer version of the Oculus Rift. Now there would be a surprise.

These are but two of the things the Pocket-lint team have been considering when mulling over the tech and trends we're looking forward to in 2015. So, read on to find out what each member thinks will be the subjects and products you should look out for in the coming year.

Stuart Miles

Owner and CEO (@stuartmiles)

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"There are going to be a number of trends that will have a huge impact on 2015, but one of the biggest areas that will affect the industry as a whole is going to be fashion.

"With western brands struggling to keep ahead of Chinese companies on cost and a new focus on wearables having to look good rather than just work, how we feel about technology and the status it gives us will have a much greater impact on how we think about gadgets.

"In the past decade a lot of the decisions we made about buying gadgets have been about the technologies they delivered. In the future, brand values, design and status will be the new deciding factors instead.

"The gadgets of 2015 will not only have to work, but be even more aspirational than they've ever been before."

Chris Hall

Editor (@christhall)

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"In 2015, wearables will become relevant, as manufacturers manage to fuse function with design and desirability, moving them from mild interest to must-have accessory. Come Christmas 2015, you'll be gazing at premium smartwatches, with prices to match and wondering why desirability costs so much.

"Fortunately the downward spiral of prices we enjoy elsewhere will be bringing you a 4K TV you can afford, but you'll still be faced with streaming 4K content, as IP channels accelerate delivery ahead of big broadcast channels.

"But what we'll all be looking for is advancements in battery technology. Unfortunately, we'll still all be looking for a wall charger to keep our connected selves running."

Rik Henderson

Senior editor of news and features (@RikHenderson)

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"It feels that the last year saw some significant breakthroughs for gaming that will continue in 2015. And as such, come next New Year's Eve, the term 'gamer' will no longer be needed at all. Everybody will be a gamer.

"Not only have both the PS4 and Xbox One broken all sales records for gaming, they are both making major strides in being all-round entertainment hubs for the home. In games terms they are already both graced with excellent titles with many more to come throughout the year (Uncharted 4, Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Bloodborne, to name a few), and they will both continue to add apps and services beyond gaming to entice consumers looking to tidy the area under their TVs in favour of a one-box solution.

"But perhaps the greatest launch in 2015 that will affect gaming all round will be PlayStation Now; Sony's cloud gaming platform. While it is available in beta form in the US already, the service is coming to the UK next year and with that launch is the prospect that it will be available on a far greater array of devices, not just PS3 and PS4. This will include TVs from multiple manufacturers and even iOS phones and tablets, thereby piquing the interest of a far greater audience as no further hardware is needed - save for a DualShock controller.

"Yes, cloud services like OnLive and Nvidia Grid are already available, but that PlayStation name plus apps for multiple platforms could turn even the most strident console hater into a traditional games player."

Mike Lowe

Reviews editor (@mrmickeylowe)

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"In this industry companies release lots of products. Like, lots and lots of products. And when they’ve saturated a market, the next move is to experiment. We’ve had 3D TVs that nobody cares about, curved TVs that, yep, nobody truly cares about, and in 2015 we’ll have quantum dots and HDR that, well, the general public doesn’t understand enough to care about.

"I jest, of course. Inevitably there will be some great products. But the operative word is "some": 2015 will be the year of the separating the wheat from the chaff; finding innovation amongst a limited output.

"It’ll be a more considered year, where companies position their wares at independent launch events, blow their trumpets as hard as possible and, hopefully, not collapse from the resulting hypoxia.

"So 2015 might be the year that wasn’t in terms of mega products. Inevitably it will also be the year where ultra-high definition 4K reaches the tipping point - just a shame we won’t have the Blu-ray discs to match until the very end of the year - and, if fashion brands properly embrace smartwatches, then, just perhaps, it could be the year of wearables too."

Britta O'Boyle

Features editor (@brittaoboyle)

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"I predict 2015 will be the year smarthome devices come into their own. We've seen numerous additions to the market this year, from washing machines that notify you when they have completed their cycle to a flurry of app-controlled lighting, heating and cameras.

"With LG highlighting what the future could hold in terms of texting your appliances and fridges that will send your shopping list to your supermarket, it's clear that exciting times lie ahead for this sector of the tech world.

"We may not see it all in 2015, but I suspect we will certainly see a lot more from the smarthome category. If I could make a wish rather than a prediction for next year however, it would be a wearable that actually looks good on a girl!"

Luke Edwards

UK news editor (@eelukee)

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"Get your cupboard and wallet ready for new clothes in 2015 as it's going to welcome the tech trend of smart clothing. Wearables will still be growing after their appearance but the future is in smart clothing that can offer biofeedback directly.

"Expect to see big fashion names like Ralph Lauren as well as startups like Athos releasing sports tops that track heart rate, breathing rate, muscle effort and more. Future fitness apps will be able to see everything you do in order to offer perfect feedback to attain your goals most efficiently – personal trainers be warned.

"Also expect to see greater integration with clothing and our surroundings – if your body temperature drops, for example, your smart home heating can kick in to get you toasty before you've even noticed."

Elyse Betters

US news editor (@ebetters)

"I predict 2015 will be all about the Internet of Things...or at least I hope so. I am longing for a day when I can wake up in the morning to a smart alarm clock, for instance, which sounded off at the right time because it looked at my email calendar or digital diary to see the time of my first appointment. My alarm clock even backtracked to include how long it takes me to get ready.

"The bathroom heater also turned on 30 minutes before, so it would have time to warm the tile floor. While taking a shower, I'd learn - perhaps through an audio announcement - about how temperatures dipped overnight. So my car probably started early in order to melt the ice on my windshield, and maybe I'd get an alert notifying me to leave five minutes sooner due to traffic.

"While en route to my appointment, my car would warn me if the connecting ferry is running late, and it'll be able to send an 'I'm running late' text to whoever I'm meeting. My smartphone or smartwatch might even connect to my refrigerator at that moment just to tell me I'm low on groceries, and together, they would automatically order ingredients through AmazonFresh or wherever to be delivered that evening for dinner.

"This type of information would be served up all day. Everyday objects would have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data, and as a result, both my home and life would be automated. Who knows if all this will happen in 2015, but a girl can dream, right?"

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 December 2014.