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(Pocket-lint) - The future of power is a strange one. Already we're starting to see ways of transmitting electricity like you would with Wi-Fi over the air and battery breakthroughs for longer life cells are happening regularly.

But we're still a long way off from unlimited power everywhere – so what's coming next to keep us charged?

Projects are beginning to become realities that harness how we move and what we wear to power our devices. We've collected the best of the bunch so you know what to buy or wait and save up for between now and the very near future.


SolePower is exactly as the name suggests, a shoe sole that powers your devices as you walk. The idea is that you slip the SloePower into your shoe and as you walk it charges a battery that can juice up any gadget that needs it.

So how far do you need to walk to charge your phone? In tests its creators say a 2.5-mile to 5-mile walk should fully charge your iPhone. And in case you thought all that would be rough on the device don't fret it's been tested to 100 million steps. Your shoes should wear out before SolePower does.

To keep your mobile juiced just by moving about you'll need $100, which is about £64, for a Kickstarter order that ships this month. If you miss that you can pre-order from SolePower directly.

XOO Belt

A riddle for you: When do you carry something that carries you? When you're wearing a belt. Since the belt is already holding up your trousers why not use it to keep up the power on your phone too?

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That's what the XOO Belt is here to do, packing in a 2,100mAh battery into what looks like a fashionable belt. Wearable technology is the future and will become more a part of our wardrobes in the coming year. So why not get ahead of the trend and pick up one of these that uses Lithium Ceramic Polymer flexible batteries?

The XOO Belt is on Indiegogo for $155, or about £100, and should ship by July 2015.

SolarHug Bracelet

A wearable that offers charge rather draining yet another wall socket? Yes please.

The SolarHug is a futuristic looking bracelet that features solar panels to soak up the sun and turn it into electricity. And if fashion and power weren't enough it's a USB storage device too.

Less than one minute of charging offers 2 per cent life on your phone, meaning it should get your mobile to full in less than 50 minutes, according to its creators. And since your mobile can plug directly into the bracelet you can wear it running or out and about with the cable up your sleeve to keep your mobile juiced.

All the early bird deals are gone but you can still pick up a SolarHug for $95 which is about £60 with shipping expected in April 2015.


Hydrobee is a bit like a modular charger that uses nature to power its battery that can then charge your gadgets. Initially it will come with an adapter that lets it charge in running water but will also be able to run off solar, wind, cycling, hand cranking and more.

Get in early to grab a Hydrobee from Indiegogo for half price at $60 which is about £38. Shipping is expect to start in May 2015.

LED Portable Charger

Is it a light? Is it a charger? It's both. This three light LED pillar crams in a high capacity battery that can charge phones, tablets and more anywhere.

The LED Charger also features a magnetic rear so it can be stuck to anything metal, meaning it can double as a bike or work light. Light ranges from 100 lumens to 180 to 300 with a 5,200mAh battery that should charge most smartphones a full two times. All that and it's in aircraft grade aluminum so it's tough too.

The LED Portable Charger is on its maker's site from $80 which is about £50 and should ship immediately.

Sleeping Bag Charger

When camping you're really going to need to have lots of batteries if you want to keep your gadgets charged. That or a solar panel, which isn't much use if the weather turns. Enter the Sleeping Bag Charger.

This Indiegogo project uses the body heat of the person sleeping in the bag to generate enough power to charge gadgets via the two USB ports built-into the bag.

While we like the idea the project doesn't give much detail on how this will work and there is no prototype. Fund at your own risk.

Bicycle Chain to USB Charger

Pedal power isn't just there to get you from A to B, it can charge your kit too. You can pick up a bike chain to USB charger from Amazon that will harness the power of your pedalling and convert it into power that can be tapped into via USB.

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Much like a dynamo this bit of kit will allow you to plug in any USB powered device, like a phone or tablet, and have it charge as you cycle. Ideal for those on long rides using their phone in a mount for navigation.

The lithium polymer battery has a 1,000mAh capacity which can be charged in an hour according to the creators. Pick one up on Amazon.co.uk from £30.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 18 December 2014.