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(Pocket-lint) - Every wished you could become the Human Torch? But, you know, without setting yourself on fire? That should now be possible with Pyro. Although, fair warning, you may still set yourself on fire.

Pyro is a wrist worn device, a bit like a smartwatch in size, that is able to shoot fireballs. Yes you read that corretly, actual balls of fire that fly through the air. Pyro has four barrels, each of which can fire a single ball of flame up to 10 feet. It can then be reloaded using flash paper. The firing switch is separate and can be used up to 30 feet away from the flame unit itself.

shoot fireballs 10 feet in the air from your wrist with pyro image 2

Pyro was created by magician Adam Wilber so we can see why he would use it. Why anyone else would need this is isn't clear, other than to show off and inevitably injure themselves. That said we obviously really want one.

You are required to read a disclaimer before buying the Pyro. We doubt this is strictly legal in the UK but in the US where it's made this doesn’t appear to be an issue.

Pyro is available to pre-order now for $174 which is about £110 and will ship on 17 December.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 December 2014.