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(Pocket-lint) - A new campaign on Kickstarter aims to provide you with a distraction-free writing tool, called Hemingwrite.

The team behind Hemingwrite likely came up with that name as a play on Ernest Hemingway. He was an an American author and journalist not only known for his work but also his love of writing on a typewriter.

Hemingwrite features a full-size keyboard and pretty much looks like a typewriter from the 1980s, a weird time when typewriters were becoming more electronic than mechanical. But Hemingwrite is different in that it also features an e-paper display and the ability to sync all your documents to the cloud in real time.

That's right: you can tote around Hemingwrite, then quickly connect to Wi-Fi, and simply type away, while knowing that all your words are being safely backed up to a cloud-storage service. Hemingwrite currently offers integration with Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, iCloud, OneDrive, and SpiderOak.

The idea behind Hemingwrite is that you will have just enough access to the internet, but you won't be bombarded by Facebook notifications, missed message alerts, emails, calls, and so forth. It'll just be you and your digital writing tool.

To get the early-bird special and receive one Hemingwrite by September 2015, pledge $325 on Kickstarter. You'll save $150 off the expected retail price. Watch the video above for more details.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 11 December 2014.