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(Pocket-lint) - Jetsurf is a revolutionary brand in surfing that specialises is motor powered boards. The result is a surfer able to pull him or herself into large waves that would previously have required a tow from a jetski.

The Jetsurf boards are wider and a little longer than your average short board, owing to the built-in engine – but that should result in a more buoyant, easier ride.

The boards weigh around 15kg, run for about four hours on a tank and offer a max 100cc engine for up to 35mph or 86cc for 30mph. The controls are automatic so it will stop should you get separated from the board.

Once on either the Jetsurf Factory, Ultra Sport or Pro Race you'll be propelled along toward the wave ready to ride it or even outrun it. It's a different way to surf that could make it easier for beginners, wanting to practice on the flat and offer new opportunities to pros that have the freedom to power themselves into bigger waves.

This video shows just how extreme the boards can be. But on the flip side there are also lake-based competitions where riders race their boards around a course.

Interested in giving it a try? If you've got some spare cash you can have one custom made. The Jetsurf Factory is about $20,000 or £12,750 with the Ultra Sport as the affordable model at $12,500 or £7,900. We dread to think what the Pro Race costs.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.