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(Pocket-lint) - When's a bike not a bike? When it's a running machine called the Bionic Runner. This invention allows runners to train on through injury recovery without the risk of further damage.

The Bionic Runner, currently on Kickstarter, was created as a way to allow runners to keep training even after injuries. It does this by removing the impact from running but while continuing to work the same muscles. This is done by finding that natural 60 per cent swing and 40 per cent stance phase timing that's indicative of running.  So, essentially, the bike mimics running as you move.

According to the Australian Journal of Strength and Conditioning, "whether using the Bionic Runner for interval, Fartlek, tempo or hill sessions, the runner offers the same intensity as conventional running, without the risk of injury from over extension or impact fatigue."

The Bionic Runner folds down so it can be moved in a car easily, in spite of coming speced out with full disc bakes. It's also built, according to its creators, to withstand the punishment of daily use. It should also mimic running more than an elliptical trainer according to the makers.

The Bionic Runner is currently available for AUS$890 which is about £480 and should ship by March 2015.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 2 December 2014.