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(Pocket-lint) - The smartwatch musician Will.i.am has been touting around, his own i.am Puls, is now available in limited numbers in the US and those interested can apply to get one. It's the watch that he wore on UK show The Voice and publicly unveiled in October, and we've also heard that a second generation device or two will be more widely launched early next year.

Wearable technology website Wareable spoke to a "source involved in the project" who claimed that the original plan was to release the Puls on Black Friday - Black Eyed Peas Friday, if you like. However, the limited batch of devices made so far will only be available to a select few initially.

There will be two new Puls devices claims Wareable, one that is similar to the existing model but 40 per cent smaller and one that's more like a Nike+ FuelBand.

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And while there is no official word on the price and release date of either watch, it was suggested by the sources that AT&T and O2 will be looking to a February or March launch for the new devices.

On its original launch, Will.i.am called the Puls a smartcuff rather than a watch, but by shrinking its size, it'll be more like a smart bracelet it seems.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 28 November 2014.