Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, that big red suited anti-burglar is sizing up your chimney. But without decorations he may sleigh on by. And without suitably geeky decorations he might not know what sort of high tech kit to leave you.

Whether you're a Trekkie, a Game of Thrones fan or just a nerd with a passion for the periodic table, we've got something for you. Marvel at the Christmas joy, why not make your neighbours jealous with a lawn ornament or two? Or geek out your Christmas tree with nerdy lights and ornaments, there is bound to be something for everyone, well if you like geek things. 


Wookie foot stocking

Buy your own at Think Geek

This Officially-licensed Wookie stocking is bound to be a firm favourite with Star Wars fans. The perfect thing to hang over the mantlepiece this Christmas. Just don't think too long and hard about what happened to the poor Wookie it belonged to. 

Kurt Adler/Amazon

Weeping Angel tree topper

Grab your own Weeping Angel from Amazon

For the Dr Who fans out there, this Weeping Angel tree topper might be the perfect addition to the top of your tree. We're not too sure it's in keeping with the "Happy Holidays" spirit, but it's certainly nerdy! 


Motherboard wrapping paper

Buy some of this wrapping paper from Zazzle

This nerdy motherboard circuit wrapping paper looks more like an intricate circuit board blueprint than something you'd use to wrap up presents and we love it. A brilliant way to give geeky gifts this Christmas, even more so if you wrap up something geeky inside too. 


Deadpool Funko POP! party lights

Buy these Deadpool Funko POP! party lights here

These officially licensed Deadpool string lights are a great addition to any Marvel themed Christmas but they'll fit right in with standard decorations too thanks to the red and white theme of Deadpool's mask. 

My Favorite Things/Zazzle

Vintage Batman tree skirt

Buy your own skirt from Zazzle

Kapow! Baaaaaam!! KRAAAAKT! This classic Batman-styled Christmas tree skirt is a brilliant addition to your festive décor. A great way to hide the base of the tree with a geeky decoration that old-school Batman fans will love. 


Pac Man ornaments

Get yours from Etsy

Pacman, gaming classic and instantly recognisable too. We love these ornaments, colourful, nerdy and magnificent. A great addition to any gamers Christmas tree. These are made from recycled paper too, so you'll be doing your bit for the environment when you geek out this Christmas.  


Totoro Spirit ornaments

Buy them from Etsy now

These Totoro Spirit ornaments are the perfect geeky gift for any Anime fan and are inspired by the My Neighbor Totoro fantasy film. Customisable and hand-painted on shatterproof material too.  


Santa’s Trek - Santa Star Trek stocking

Beam one into your living room via Etsy

If you've ever wondered how Santa manages to make it around the whole world delivering presents throughout Christmas before the kids stir, then this might well be the answer. Star Trek and jolly old Saint Nick have teamed up to deliver gifts at warp speed. Though we do feel that using the transporter to get presents down the chimney might well be cheating. We love this geeky stocking and the level of handcrafted detail on it is fantastic. 


Battlestar Galactica Christmas tree decoration

Rocket over to Etsy to get yours

This frosted acrylic spaceship ornament is a fantastic addition to any Battlestar Galactica fan's decorations this Christmas season. Subtle, understated, yet magnificently nerdy. 


White Walker Game of Thrones bauble

Buy some baubles over on Etsy

Winter is coming and with it, Christmas and these brilliant White Walker baubles. Jon Snow might know nothing, but we know Game of Thrones fans will love these tree decorations, even if they are slightly creepy. 


Japanese Emoticon baubles

Grab yours on Etsy now

These nerdy Christmas baubles are decorated with minimalist kaomoji, Japanese emoticons and the design mean they even glow when hung on an illuminated Christmas tree. Animoji might be the current hot favourite, but these emoticons are timeless. 


Star Wars Death Star tree topper

The Death Star tree topper is available to buy from Hallmark

Here it is, the topping on the Star Wars Christmas decoration cake - someone's created a Death Star tree topper and it's marvellous. If you love Star Wars, then this is the must-have decoration from our list. Weak thermal exhaust port not included, so you don't need to worry about it blowing up. It does, however, include awesome lights, sounds and remote control too. 


Pokémon bauble

Catch some Pokémon baubles here

Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon merchandise is everywhere and now they've even made it onto our Christmas trees. The Pokémon themed baubles come in sets of four and are a great way of showing off your inner Pokémon nerd. We wouldn't recommend throwing them though, because they're baubles and yes, they are breakable. 


BB-8 lights

See them on ThinkGeek

These officially-licensed Star Wars BB-8 droid lights can be hung on any nerds tree, wall or spacecraft cockpit this Christmas. A brilliantly bright set of lights to add a little nerd flair to your home this holiday season.  


Star Trek 7-Inch Spock and Tribbles table centrepiece

Grab it on Amazon from $57

Spock from Star Trek is a Vulcan. Emotional holidays like Christmas baffle him. That's captured perfectly in this Christmas decoration for the discerning geek. 


Official Star Wars baubles

Grab a pack from Amazon

For around £13 you can have all your favourite Star Wars characters hanging off your Christmas tree in bauble form. R2-D2 looks amazing and the rest are great too, though C-3PO looks more surprised than usual. 


Gingerbread Tardis

• Get it on Instructables

Yes that is a gingerbread Tardis and yes you can make it yourself 


Comic book upcycled paper decorations

Get these from Etsy

Recycled comic book pages appear to be a firm favourite with the geek decorators. These pages have been turned into ornaments that might at first look like you couldn't quite afford standard Christmas decorations but actually, have superbly nerdy taste. 


Trek The Halls banner

Purchase these banners from Etsy

You've heard the classic about decking the halls with holly, but in a Trekkies house, you're far more likely to see the halls trekked out with something geeky. These simple banners are an obvious and completely unsubtle addition to the nerdy decoration pile. 


Dr Who Tardis Christmas decoration

Buy a bunch of them from Etsy

Not quite got room for a Tardis in your living room or the baking skills necessary to make a gingerbread model? No problem. These fantastic ornaments are a great addition to your Christmas tree. 

Hip Flask Plus/Amazon

Game of Thrones "Christmas is coming" decoration

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Declare your undying love for all things GoT with these geeky Christmas decorations. Christmas is coming and there's no Night's Watch to stop it. 


Boba Fett Star Wars decoration

Buy one from Amazon

Star Wars fans will love this 8-inch fabric mache Star Wars Boba Fett table centrepiece. After all, what says Christmas more than a bounty hunter guarding your food?


Die Hard Christmas tree decorations

Buy yours from Etsy

No Christmas would be complete without a belly full of mince pies and Die Hard on the television. Show your love for this classic film series with these handmade Die Hard tree ornaments. 



Buy yours online here

"Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle." - a classic Firefly quote can now take pride of place on your Christmas tree. What better way to fill the room with festive cheer?


Potion bottle Christmas tree lights

Level up your decorations at Think Geek

If the first thing you think when you see these decorations is "I wonder how much HP and Mana those potions grant?" then we've got good news for you. You're a massive geek and these will fit perfectly with the rest of your decorations.

They're also subtle enough that the average "normal" wouldn't even notice the difference.